Just coming in to say stay safe, everyone. I’m on a coast, but not the gulf coast–the storm will come over land to get here and will weaken big tome. That means I’ll be extremely inconvenienced (neighborhood flooded, but likely not my block, and power outage and stuff) but nothing worse. Everyone in and near the panhandle, though? Be careful.

State of the Brenna, Early October

Heyas… I guess it’s been longer than I’d planned between posts. Even my Project365 had to be dropped, thanks to my phone flipping out every time I try to get more than 2-3 consecutive shots of something. And that sucks, cause I was having fun with it. Maybe I’ll try it again for 2019? I’ll have to think about it, assuming I can afford a new phone this year. If not, then there won’t be any point to try it again (yet) since the phone freezing is why I stopped it this year. I do have another idea for a photo series, though; it’s actually one I’ve toyed with for over ten years. Comments on photos would be formatted similarly to my Vampire Protection Door Mat series of posts, but since the subject is much more broad than the one product type I’m having trouble working out a consistent way to measure each item.

Other than trying to figure out that photo series, there’s not much going on. I finally picked up Good Omens yesterday (I’ve had it on Kindle for years, but much like games in a Steam library, the books in my Kindle library are completely forgotten 13 seconds after I download them. >.<) and my GOD I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to start. And since the only thing from the upcoming TV show I’ve let myself see before starting the book is the Angelic/Devilish poster also out this weekend, I was able to read the first few chapters without any influence of the show. Even still, I can see David Tennant every single word, step, and swagger of Crowley; it’s such a good match than I went to watch the trailer anyway, just to see how close it was. And the trailer? Pretty much exactly, word for word, going up to Crowley and Aziraphale having their little lunch date. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to it. The only thing so far (and I’m 20% through, according to the app) that I’m worried about is that there’s so much motion and so much inner monologue to the text. Books-to-screen always seem to fail in that part of the conversion, so I’m curious how they’re going to handle that. Other than, idk, Family Guy style cutaways or something.

Anyway, yeah. My lunch break’s just about over, so I need to go. Until I can find the next thing to post about and/or figure out a format for that photo series, have a picture of Brian wearing a unicorn head:


Currently Playing: Stardew Valley, mountain-type farm
Currently Reading: Good Omens
Most Recent Anime: Fairy Tail Zero
Listening To: Google Play Music Station inspired by Imagine Dragons’ “Natural” (I have no idea if that link will work; if not just let me know.)

(From the Archives) Strange Dream: Dracolich Attacks Seattle

So, last night I had a crazy kaiju (Japanese for “strange beast” or “monster” a la Godzilla) dream. I originally only posted a brief summary of the following on Twitter, then I wrote up as much as I could accurately remember in a limited post on Google+. I’ve been thinking about it since posting to G+, though, and decided I wanted to make a public post after all. Unfortunately, I don’t know a simple way to switch from “limited” to “public” on G+ once a post is already made without erasing and reposting entirely, and I don’t want to lose the little bit of conversation I already have there with people regarding the zaniness below. So, here’s a more or less direct copy/paste of the original G+ post, changed only for some grammar and formatting:

A giant dracolich was attacking Seattle during (maybe the day after?) PAX this year; I had suspected it earlier but no one believed me until it was too late. (There was a two-day-long “trying to convince people” period in the dream, but it was kinda montage-y, so I don’t remember much of it.) 

I made it out and got to L.A. for a new job that started the next day, the first day of which was networking computers in a sex shop upstairs from where Seth Rogen was having a huge movie premiere / party / something. 

But the next day a monster attacked there, too. It started with a kaiju monster scene in Seth Rogen’s movie and I was understandably freaked out / shellshocked / looking for a way out because I thought it was just the party downstairs, not a movie showing, and I thought I was actually looking at L.A. being attacked by something. Seth Rogen was being slightly dickish to everyone at his party, then all Jurassic Park style the floor shook and drinks spilled, and the theater/club/sex shop roof was torn off. I didn’t get a chance to see the monster and don’t know if I survived the attack, but I was very “I told you so” pissed off at the same time as being terrified.

Then I woke up. I went to bed completely sober and medication-free last night. If I’d been on anything, I might could understand having such a fucked-up dream. The last song I listened to was a gorgeous piano version of “Battle with the Four Fiends”, and I guess that could lead to some sort of “boss fight” scenario in my subconscious, but damn. I have a weird brain.

So yeah, that’s my brain for ya. What the hell?

#Project365 167/365 (Miso)

BTW: If anyone local reads this and wants some, you need to head to Sushi-Zen Southside. I don’t know if this ramen’s available at lunch or not, but it definitely is for dinner and it’s a-maze-ing. It’s almost the only thing I get there anymore. (They don’t have a site to my knowledge, but their menu is here.)