New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything Postponed (Last of the cross-post/archives from blogger.)

I’m not cancelling the idea, so don’t worry (as if anyone other than myself was worried :p). I’m just officially acknowledging that I need more time to get it started. The short excuse is: I fell into Final Fantasy XV Hell much harder, and for much longer, than I expected to. I finished my first save on the 1st:


I played on Easy (cause I almost always do) and I did pretty much every hunt available before endgame, so yeah my level was a little out of control for not being a New Game+. I’ll try and make a fuller post for the game, with spoilers, but that’ll come later. For now though, I just started my first NG+ after about two weeks of postgame. This NG+ is being documented on my Twitter with the hashtag #PrinceSpaceman if anyone wants to follow the absurdity of it. Also, I wanna give a shoutout and rec for @FFXVsnapshot for being amazing at archiving some of the amazing shots and comments that everyone’s uploading to Twitter from their games.

(As an aside, Brian’s also playing the game now, so my NG+ playtime is limited to his progress so I don’t have to start banishing him from the room again when I play to keep as many spoilers away from him as possible. I’m uploading his screen caps to FFXVsnapshot as well, with his handle in the post to separate them from my own uploads.)

But! Back to the postponed Dragon Age project, cause that was the original reason for this post. FFXV is the most obvious reason for delaying it, but I’m also trying to set up a new spot on WordPress that I’m going to move over to, instead of here at Blogger. Blogger’s been good to me, but it’s time to move along. WordPress I’m hoping will give me some more options comparatively, since everything here has become more than a bit dated. If everything works right, then will redirect to there once I have it set up how I like. Some of the content here I’ll archive there, but most of it will be purged for age and irrelevance so I can start with a clean-ish slate there.

Since I don’t have a time frame for when I can pull myself away from FFXV enough to move back to DA, and since I don’t have a schedule yet for the WP either, I don’t know yet when the Re-Everything will start. But when it does, I’ll let everyone know so you can move to following there as you’re interested.

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