Super Construction Site Go!

Don’t mind me, I’m just rebuilding over here as I prepare to shut down my old Blogger. You’ll probably see the theme change a few times, especially if I can find one with both the post format and sticky post options that I actually like. (If I do find one, this post will become a sticky post so it doesn’t get lost in the middle of other testing and cross-posting that I’ll be doing while setting things up.) If you have any recs for themes with both features, hit me up with some links. I think the default Contact page for the theme works? (Edit: It does, I just checked.) If not, or if I’ve removed it already (something I am planning on doing) then just comment with a link for whatever recs you have and I’ll check them out.

(And oh god, yes, even if I stick with this theme–Newsworthy, I think it is?–I’ll be redoing colors and headers and whatever else it lets me play with. Because these colors? Ew.)

As for the old Blogger, most of my more recent posts (November-ish?) will be cross-posted here to carry over some context to the newer posts. Everything else? I’ll have an offline backup for that stuff, but otherwise the old page will be gone and gone.

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