New Content?!

I’m still mostly on Twitter, with my series of Dragon Age, etc reblogs over on Tumblr, and a usually posted-late series of project365 posts on Instagram (it’s a private account, so just send me an invite then message me on one of the other sites or comment here with how I know you so I can approve the follow). BUT! I’m going to try again to come back here for longer-form stuff. There will be my previous/usual fandom stuff when I have it to post; I don’t think there’s an option if IG allows exported posts other than to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, but if there is I’ll add that so those pics cross-post here. And, oddly enough… there’s going to be workout stuff from now on, since I’ve gotten into a great routine with that and posting here is a hell of a lot more efficient than four or five post threads on Twitter itself.

Now then, what’s not currently happening:

  1. Twitch: Our connection where we moved is great for streaming things to watch but horrible for broadcasting streams of my own.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV: Again, this is put indefinitely on hold thanks to the slow connection. But it’s also because it’s kinda expensive for me right now. I’ll get back to it later.
  3. Dragon Age Re-Everything: On hold again, again for the streaming issue. I guess I could do it all offline and just post the recaps and screencaps of the games like I will be for the books and such, but I really want to stream the games. I’ll think about it some, and see how I feel about that option later.

…I guess, in the long run, it’s really just that I’m only using wifi that’s holding up progress on any of these things. I could probably do them anyway, but I put my Elgato in storage and that limits the streaming options to the PS4 only.

I’ll try to get back online tonight or tomorrow morning for an actual “real” update for the week at least, though I’m hoping for posts roughly every other day. We’ll see how it works out, since I have a little bit of time right now.

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