State of the Brenna, 5/17/18 (Long Post)

So, my first content post since picking this up again. Awesome, right? It’s going to be boring as hell, tho, while I kind of figure out a format I like. Anyway…

I think most people who follow me know, but I haven’t worked at the apartment complex since right before my birthday. I left at a bad time, but it could have been a lot worse. Honestly, though? It’s done wonders for my health, physically and mentally. I’ll never feel perfect–who does?–but I feel so much better. I miss a lot of my residents, one of whom actually tracked me down to call and say goodbye personally (and to invite me to holiday dinners next winter) which was sweet. It means I meant something to people there, which I was really curious about as I left.

Let’s see, what’s something more fun? I mean, I’ve gone and double (actually, triple) dipped on another game–the portability of Skyrim on Switch was finally too much to pass up. We’ve had credit in our Nintendo account since gift cards at Christmas, so it’s not like I paid out of pocket for it. (You know, like I did with SE on Steam, or with all three Dragon Age games including all DLC, in both cases after having everything on console). I’m only at the beginning of both the Companions and the Thieves’ Guild so far; I’ll head to High Hrothgar at level 15, (I’m at 12 now).

Another game Brian’s got me on intermittently is Tharsis (the link is for Steam, but I’m playing on PS4). It’s… a Mars mission cannibalism board game. It’s also punishingly difficult, yet not in a way that causes rage quitting. Brian’s finally beaten it, once; I got to turn six or seven out of ten once on sheer luck. I normally only get to turn four.

Last, and this may also have a lot to do with my health being better, I’m working out. Like, in a gym.

Every day.


I used to wonder why in the world someone in an apartment would go to a real gym when there’s a gym on property only a few buildings from their front door. I get it now though. So much. All thanks to the membership Brian was given for his birthday, and for him having unlimited guest allowances. I don’t do a ton, though; a mile minimum, usually on the elliptical, then every fourth day I do a 30 minute circuit room. I’ll get to the ab circuit eventually (I should have started it today, but I am still getting bad vertigo so I took a very easy day instead).

So… Yeah, I guess that’s it? I’ll think of more later, but that’s it for now.

Currently Playing: Skyrim & Tharsis
Last Movie at the Theater: Infinity War
Watching: The Office, Parks And Rec; re-watching Eureka & BSG
Reading: Nothing
Listening to: Varies; whatever feels best for the gym that morning. Typically something metal or techno

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