How Not To Tag A Spoiler (Hypothetical SW Ep9 Spoiler, Enter at Own Risk)

Obligatory multiple line breaks to make sure I don’t make the same mistake I’m discussing below spoiler-wise.








Also, let’s have a picture of my cat so the actual picture below doesn’t show up in previews when I hit post.


Okay, hopefully that’s enough. Continue:

Okay, so we all know the Google feed on our phones, right? Well, I guess Comicbook Resource doesn’t because this was the first item on mine when I checked it yesterday:

They did try, since they used [SPOILER] in the title, but the rest of the opening has the spoiler itself and it snuck through to the feed preview. I suppose they should be given a little leeway, since the format for the feed updated recently to having the more detailed preview. But still… It feels like something that needed to be caught earlier.

All the fail aside, a few months ago I’d say there’s no chance in hell they’d get Lando/Billy Dee Williams back for the new trilogy. But now? Who knows. I do kind of remember the comments about his whole new diet plan and training and such, so prepping for a movie makes sense. Also, we have no idea how they’re handling Episode IX thanks to Carrie Fisher’s death. Lando’s never going to be able to fill the Leia’s gap, but someone else from the originals is kind of needed so… yeah? IDK, they could do worse.

I guess we’ll see.

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