Saturday Morning Cartoons: Macross Plus “The Distance”

Okay, so I think I did a thing like this, if not this exact thing, way way way back when I started my page back on Blogger. That was about 10 years ago, though, but I decided I’m going to bring it back again.

Saturday Morning Cartoons is super, absurdly simple: It’s a ton of AMVs I love, one a week. I haven’t been big into the whole AMV scene in years, though, so unfortunately a lot of them are going to be lower video quality due to age alone. Luckily, though, someone took one of my favorites ever – Macross Plus to Cake’s “The Distance” and remade frame by frame with newer, higher-quality video. It’s still not perfect, since the remake is already four years old, but the update is incredibly good.

(Full disclosure: I’m so partial to this video because I always wanted to make one with this pairing. It wouldn’t have been frame by frame, but the entire concept and a lot of the scenes are the same. I never mentioned online that I wanted this pairing, so that someone else made it almost the same as I would have made my day back when I found this. Also, I can’t get the Org to load to post a direct link to the original editor’s profile, but a link to the video’s original page is included in the YouTube page for this upload.)

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