State of the Brenna, CAKE DAY!

So yeah, today’s my birthday! I have a ton of everything and nothing planned today; mostly, I’m planning on going around and collecting all the free shit offered by restaurants and stuff, followed by dinner and games at Chromatic Dragon’s (@gamerpubsav) more restaurant-y location. But, that comes with a slight problem…

See, I’m supposed to evolve into Charizard today, seeing as I’ve reached level 36. And Chromatic Dragon? They actually have a Charizard themed burger. But I was warned in advance a few days ago, by their own Twitter, that the Charizard is THE hottest item on their menu. And, well… Flavor-spicy I’m usually good with. BURNING HEAT spicy, though… I can’t do BURNING HEAT spicy. So I’ll have to figure out another plan for what to order tonight. I’m considering just making it a day of only ordering cakes, or things with cake in the name, all day today instead. Maybe, idk for certain yet. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m posting from my phone today so I don’t forget to do so in the first place, and I’m too lazy to go hunt down pics or gifs for today’s post. Also, I’m running kinda short on time right now, cause I’m using a gift certificate from Christmas to get a massage in a little while and I still haven’t even showered or eaten breakfast yet.

(Oh, I do have a list of free places I’m planning to hit up, but if anyone has any suggestions shoot them to me, asap! I only have until maybe 1pm EST to add places to my list!)

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