About Bren

My husband says this one gif should be my entire About page:

I suppose it’s a fair summary of my reactions much of the time, but I’m not quite as exasperated as I often sound. But when I am? Most likely I’ll be making the faces above at Twitter (and occasionally at my husband, and occasionally at my husband via Twitter), not here. Here is for posts that I can’t fit into Twitter, that are fannish but not as specialized as what went on my Tumblr (those extra-fannish posts will be on Pillowfort, as that site fills up) or for just general thoughts and updates.

The most consistent fandoms I’ll blather about here are Dragon Age and Final Fantasy (as of 2/13 still FFXV, sorry not sorry). Everything else will be as it catches my attention, but periodic waves of Star Wars and Elder Scrolls are a safe bet, too.

I don’t play MMOs anymore, but when I did my husband and I were proud Bastokers on the Cait Sith server of Final Fantasy XI. We were there for maybe eight years, from the beginning of the PS2 version, and we know the true fear of the Dunes at night.