Across the Web

If I’ve somehow gotten lucky and you’re entertained by what you read here, you might want to find me on other websites. The following list is replacing the previous sidebar widget I had with these links, since I tend to drone on and there’s no room in the sidebar for descriptions.

In the past few months I’ve pretty much moved all of my posting to Tumblr, especially Dragon Age fandom posts. I’m working on a way to balance my posts between here and there, but in the short term (as of 5/20) almost all of my activity is there.

I actually have two personal Twitter accounts, a private one (@BrennaCeDria) that’s truly mine and another (@AirlockEm most of the year, though in June it usually changes to @BrenE3Spam) that’s used as a sort of live feed when we have large game nights at our house. @AirlockEm is a completely open account and anyone may follow, geek and spammer alike, but you’ll need to send me a follow request if you’re interested in my main. Keep in mind that just because it’s a protected account, that doesn’t mean I don’t approve followers or follow-back! If you send me a request and we already have a number of mutual friends, that’s normally enough for me to approve you; if not then just shoot me an @ message with a short introduction so I’ll know you aren’t just some spammer, as well as which list to put you in so I can make sure to get your updates through TweetDeck!

Probably everyone’s new favorite toy, and mine as well. I’m slightly more selective with my G+ friends, but if you introduce yourself then I won’t ignore or block you. Same rules apply as with my primary Twitter account, just send me a message if you want me to add you. If I can guess who you are on my own, you might get added-back, but if you tell me who you are you almost certainly will.

Bioware Social Profile
I have been and will always be a fangirl. I don’t squee over anything and everything, but once I fall in love with a universe or fandom, it’s for life. If you play the Dragon Age games and are curious about the characters I’ve played, or just want to add me on that network, you can do so here. Since that profile is reserved almost exclusively for Bioware game related posts, I have next to no restrictions on who I approve and add-back as friends.

I listen to a lot of music that others… wouldn’t necessarily classify as music. But, I also listen to a lot of rock and pop from when I was in middle and high school. If you’re ever curious what I’m hearing, or want to know what the hell I’m talking about when I go on a fangirl gush of the Japanese techno I listen to a lot of, you can normally find it in my recent history at Last.FM. I also listen to a lot of game music, mostly from Final Fantasy and Dragon Age soundtracks.

YouTube and “the Org”
Originally only an alternate place for me to upload my anime music videos, my YouTube page is now primarily videos of my cats and the swan at work (luckily, not at the same time). Most of my few AMVs are still available in the early uploads of my YouTube profile, though, and all are available for download on my profile at for as long as that site continues to be.

…In addition, I worked with the Monday Night Crew while their web comic was active as their “Twitter girl”. I technically worked through a few more sites than just Twitter to promote the comic and site, but Twitter was my main focus (as it nearly always is). At any rate, the format of the page has long since changed but the comics should still be available as archives on the current Monday Night Crew site. Check them out when you get a chance.