Saturday Morning Cartoons: Fairy Tail “Listen To Your Heart” (Nightcore)

So, TIL that the app version of WP doesn’t seem to support blocks, or at least I couldn’t find the option while in the car, but anyway I’m at home again so I have them again now.

Anyway, today’s vid is another from Anime Safe Haven, but unlike most Fairy Tail vids (both theirs and others’), Happy and Carla get almost no love as anything other than sidekicks.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sword Art Online “Take Me Home”

I haven’t posted a Saturday Morning Cartoons in roughly a month now, mostly out of pure stubbornness. There are dozens and dozens by Anime Safe Haven that I can and eventually will post, but I don’t want to only post ASH’s vids; in addition, I keep having very specific ideas about what videos I want to post, and I’ve yet to find anything to match any of those ideas. Today, though? Finding this was a complete accident and I love it.

I was actually searching for possible AMVs for Country Roads, and there are some, but way down in the list I found this. I love it for two reasons: one, it’s a catchy song with good, fun editing; two, and more importantly? It only uses footage from actual Sword Art Online, as in the game the show’s named for. Cause I mean, the more recent stuff in the gun game is interesting enough, but SAO needs to be SAO, and Asuna is more than just The Girlfriend Type™. Only the original SAO really portrays her as that, even while also letting her have more domestic interests and skills as well. They could have gone all moody badass chick to go along with Kirito’s moody badass dude. They could have gone all Girlfriend Type from the start. They didn’t, though; in that early part of the show, she was actually a well-rounded person.

Asuna deserves more than what the show’s given her from the second half of that first season and onward. This video gives her what she deserves.

State of the Brenna, CAKE DAY!

So yeah, today’s my birthday! I have a ton of everything and nothing planned today; mostly, I’m planning on going around and collecting all the free shit offered by restaurants and stuff, followed by dinner and games at Chromatic Dragon’s (@gamerpubsav) more restaurant-y location. But, that comes with a slight problem…

See, I’m supposed to evolve into Charizard today, seeing as I’ve reached level 36. And Chromatic Dragon? They actually have a Charizard themed burger. But I was warned in advance a few days ago, by their own Twitter, that the Charizard is THE hottest item on their menu. And, well… Flavor-spicy I’m usually good with. BURNING HEAT spicy, though… I can’t do BURNING HEAT spicy. So I’ll have to figure out another plan for what to order tonight. I’m considering just making it a day of only ordering cakes, or things with cake in the name, all day today instead. Maybe, idk for certain yet. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m posting from my phone today so I don’t forget to do so in the first place, and I’m too lazy to go hunt down pics or gifs for today’s post. Also, I’m running kinda short on time right now, cause I’m using a gift certificate from Christmas to get a massage in a little while and I still haven’t even showered or eaten breakfast yet.

(Oh, I do have a list of free places I’m planning to hit up, but if anyone has any suggestions shoot them to me, asap! I only have until maybe 1pm EST to add places to my list!)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Martian Successor Nadesico “Superman”

This is another really, really, old AMV, but it’s by far one of my favorites ever. Nadesico is one of the best, most underrated series ever, and Akito and this cover of Five For Fighting’s Superman (acappella by Off The Beat) is amazing. The show itself is an amazing blend of space-mecha-harem-parody anime there is, always and never taking itself too seriously. Since there’s no official upload on youtube, here’s the original page for it on the Org: Akitoman by dji. (From what I can see, quality will seem better on phones than browsers, since they won’t stretch quite as much.)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Fairy Tail “So Soon”

I’ve been trying for almost a week now to find a video for today that fits some very specific themes, but I haven’t had any luck with that yet. So, instead, I have something very sad instead. Anime Safe Haven’s video for Fairy Tail’s Lucy and Aquarius, set to Maher Zain’s “So Soon.”

(Note: this is far from the last time you’ll see A.S.H.’s videos here. I adore so much of her work, and the fact that most of it is Fairy Tail doesn’t hurt, either.)

Overheard: “Space Needs To Stay In Space”

Okay, so behind me in line at Publix over lunch was a Very Concerned Barista on her lunch break. I’d seen her twice already in the ~5 minutes I was in the store: first while I was walking to the sushi counter (fuck yeah, $5 sushi on Wednesdays) and again at the sushi counter itself (Very Concerned Barista likewise was enjoying Wednesday Sushi). Both times, she was having a Very Intense Conversation over her ear piece, but even at the sushi counter I couldn’t tell exactly what she was talking about.

That changed in the checkout line. And the first thing I actually made out of her Very Intense Conversation?

“I don’t care what’s in space. Space needs to stay in space.”

And, well, this made me curious. Luckily, I didn’t have to snoop or eavesdrop for the rest, because she was So Concerned about space staying in space that a decent amount of the line could hear her, and I was right there at her side. (Please note that she wasn’t hysterical or anything with this next part, just Very Emphatic.)

“No, I told you space needs to stay in space. I don’t care what’s up there, it doesn’t need to know that I’m down here. Cause the next thing you know, they’re gonna be coming down here and the wrong person’s going to say something stupid and the next thing you know they’re going to blow all of us up. [pause] No, he’s going to say something stupid. [pause] Anyway, they’re going to blow us all up and I’ll never be able to get to them first to tell them no, I’m not like that; most of us aren’t like that; we’re good except for them, please don’t blow us up but it’s going to be too late and we’ll all die.”

…Now, I can only guess at who she was concerned would say something stupid… But I’m pretty sure I know who it was about.

Either way I’m trying not to laugh as she’s going on about all of it, because I don’t want her to think I’m laughing at her when I actually agree with a large portion of the conversation. I wanted to tell her how much I agreed, that if space didn’t stay in space then some people would say some dumb shit and get us all blown up. I couldn’t though, ‘cause I was done checking out then and the cashier was starting to get her ($5 sushi and a bag of peanut M&M’s, I swear I should have been this girl’s best friend). Plus, we were both on our lunch breaks and I was running out of time to get back in time.

But yes.

Space needs to stay in space.

State of the Brenna, New Year 2019

It’s almost 5:30am Eastern time, so now I can say this and have it up to date for any of you who may be reading:

2018 Sucked. Hard. I went into the year angry–not with my life, I suppose,* but with the universe. Cause you know what? The universe has fucked a lot of shit up lately. In spite of the universe’s cosmic-level fails, though, I managed to drag, walk, and eventually breeze through a lot of it.
*There wasn’t no anger with my life coming into the year, but there was a hell of a lot of unhappiness. 2017 had been a very, very difficult year. 

Anyway! We’ve made it through 2018. Here are some highlights, I suppose:

  • I lost my job–three days before my birthday. I worked at the apartment complex for 12 years, and for many of the final years it had become a very unhealthy environment. Losing my job was the only way out, though; while there, I could apply for other jobs all I wanted but couldn’t ever actually leave thanks to my apartment being directly tied to the job. Being let go gracefully meant I could transition without having a complete breakdown publicly or privately. And we had an emergency backup that wasn’t available for voluntarily quitting, so we weren’t completely alone like we could have been.
  • My bipolar improved. No one’s ever completely well, but thanks to getting out of that office, I’m a thousand times better. That’s how unhealthy I’d let the apartments become; losing my job boosted my health in a way I couldn’t imagine before. I’ve had lesser swings and phases, but no full mania or severe depression.
  • I finally got my new job, and it’s wonderful. On the surface, it probably looks like boring desk work… but it’s not. Not for me, at least. Cause yeah, I’m at a desk, but my mind is busy the whole time, I work with people I like and am friendly with, and it’s an introvert’s dream: almost all communication outside of the office is by email. Seriously, my phone’s rung maybe a dozen times in seven-ish months. It’s. A. Dream. It’s the healthy environment I needed so much
  • I lost over 20 pounds. …And still counting, too. The first 5-7 lost were a bad situation–a new medicine I started literally has “anorexia” as a possible side effect for early in treatment, and it hit me hard. I couldn’t eat when I tried, so I stopped trying for a while. I gained most of that back (at least the first five pounds), though, so even treating that first loss as a fluke I broke the 20 pound mark on Christmas Eve. I’m almost to a size 10, which is my actual goal instead of total pounds lost. Once I get there and maintain it for a while, I’ll decide if I can work my way down to an 8 and still be healthy. Oh, and since I did it killing myself in the gym, I’m actually stronger now, too, not just skinnier. (Okay, not really that intense, but intense enough that I have visible definition in a few places, and my calves are amazing.)

So yeah, that was 2018 for me. The positive outweighs the negative by a long shot for a change. The year would have been even better if the world wasn’t imploding, but here’s to hoping that gets better as we continue along.

So! 2019. I don’t see any major changes personally or professionally for my life this year. Incremental improvements, sure, but nothing massive. And I don’t do resolutions, so there’s nothing like that to stress over. I mean, props to people who are motivated by resolutions and can keep them, but to me it’s just something to overwhelm people and eventually scare them away from what they wanted to do in the first place.

Just because I don’t do resolutions, though, doesn’t mean I don’t have want-to-do-s most years. For the last few years I’ve wanted to do the New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything. That hasn’t successfully happened yet, but when we get closer to The Dread Wolf Rises and hype rises again, I’ll give it another shot.

This year I was considering doing a thing I did in… 2011? 2012? where I flat out Did. Not. Play. any game I’d finished before. (I think I did it that year to fight off Dragon Age burnout then, too, but I don’t remember 100%.) And it was a great way to change things up. And I have a ton of games I could play instead even without counting my Steam library. The problem with repeating that for 2019 is that I just started replays of Skyrim, Stardew Valley, and Chrono Trigger. What I’ll do instead is finish these replays, mix in newer games (Let’s GO Eevee I’ve already started, and I’ve had I Am Setsuna saved for later for years) as I go. It’s not a pure go at New Games Only, but it’s better than nothing… right?