Bren’s Custom DA:O Armor Tints

One of the mods available for Dragon Age: Origins on PC is Nezroy’s Universal Dye Kit, and it’s something that I’ve been working with and learning for a few months now. There are still items that I haven’t learned the trick to coloring yet (like some of the mod items) but I decided I’d put together a sort of index/archive page here to catalog the dyes I’ve done so far. For those dyes that are completed, I’ve noticed that some translate to multiple item designs better than others. I have one jewel green tint that I created for a specific noble dress, for instance, that hasn’t looked bad on anything I’ve applied it to. Others seem to work only on the original item they were created for, normally due to that item having very specific textures that I had to override.

Also, I do take requests for character-specific dyes, so if there is an item you’d like me to try and recolor custom for your Warden or one of the companions, let me know! There are a few things I’ll need from you to do the best job possible, so once I have the initial archive complete I’ll put together a list of guidelines for requests. You can input suggestions or requests (and please specify which it is, you’ll see why in the next paragraph) now via my Tumblr (just use the anonymous ask function if you don’t have a Tumblr and include your email address formatted as “name at domain” so I can contact you, because it will block anything that looks like a link).

Finally, these dyes and tints (I’ll be using these words interchangeably much of the time) are divided a few ways: my personal dyes that I actually use in-game, most of which are also available for download; dyes I’ve made for others, which will include images and discussion but no download links, and general dyes that are open for everyone. That means that unless you say otherwise, your custom dye is yours once I’m done with it. I’ll almost always keep a copy, so if you lose your file I can (normally) get you a new one, but I won’t share more than images without your permission.

*indicates tint file is or will be available for public download

My Personal Dyes
Armor of the Black Fox, Cousland Colors*
Shangrilla Gown, Jade Green*
Leliana’s Phoenix Matriarch, Silver and Gold*
Noble Gown, Lavender and Violet*
Tabris’s Wedding Gown, Greens*
Tabris’ Phoenix Scout, Greens (includes two separate tints, one for weapons and another for armor)*
Surana’s Elf Mage Robes, Soft Pink*
Amell’s Tevinter Robes, Jade Green*
Amell’s Concept Mage Robes*

Dyes I’ve Made for Others
Alexiandra Cousland’s Phoenix Matriarch A
Alexiandra Cousland’s Phoenix Matriarch B
Alexiandra Cousland’s Phoenix Matriarch B
Esme Amell’s Concept Mage Robes*
Moira Cousland’s Phoenix Battlemaiden A*
Moira Cousland’s Phoenix Battlemaiden B*
Dailana Cousland’s Shangrilla Gown
Morrigan in (Navy) Blue

General Dyes
Elf Mage Robes, Revised Senior Enchanter Tint*

Armor Tint Installation Guide
Request Guidelines

((Coming soon – Additional archive pages for completed dyes, including download links where available. Until then, browse my dye kit tag on Tumblr for examples of previous work.))

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