I’m A PokeStar! So, What’s Next?

So, I finally finished Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee overnight Saturday. First, I’m gonna celebrate here with some Titus Jones (give him some love if you can!) before getting into the real post here.

Okay, so the real point of this post is to try and figure out what the hell I should pick up next. Up until yesterday, my entire Steam library was off-limits on the basis I had no chair to sit at my damned computer, and the room isn’t set up in a way that lets me connect the computer to the tv. But! Now Brian has his own chair, and I have my old one back. Finally! So, I have to figure out a list of up to four games per format to consider for my next adventure. I’m welcoming any suggestions that you guys might have, but in order to be added to the potential game list they have to ultimately be ones I already own but have never finished in any way, and that includes avoiding pretty much all ports, too. And considering my Steam library, like everyone else’s, has at least two dozen games I’ve never touched, I have quite the selection.

So, yeah. I’m going to dig through, pick those four-ish games per platform: PC, which is most likely through Steam but could also be EA Origin, Twitch, etc; PS4, Switch, and maybe NES/SNES Classic. I’ll do one poll on Twitter for each platform’s chosen games, then a final one to choose between those semi-final winners.

Hit me up with ideas! I don’t remember if Steam game lists/PSN trophies/etc are public, but if so you can find me under the BrennaCeDria, just like pretty much everywhere else.

State of the Brenna, June… Something-something.

God, there’s been so much going on since my last general update (about this time last month). In that time I’ve started a new job that’s… not difficult, or challenging, just very busy so it keeps me pretty occupied. It means less time online, and even less for games, though, since I’m so tired* when I get home. (More on that in a moment.)

I mentioned the day-before and the day-of that I was going to the Thursday night opening of Solo, and it was much better than expected. Not some cinematic masterpiece, but good for what it needed to be. Donald Glover as Lando could actually have been more animated, imo, but he wasn’t lacking by any means. The BFD, though? Oh my god, that cameo at the end. (I’m not saying who or what because there are still plenty of people who haven’t seen it, and IMO it’s that big a deal. I will, however, post a link to this gif of that moment–click at your own peril!) When that cameo happened I made noises that Brian described as something “only bats could hear” and that’s pretty accurate. I could only hear half a second the sound I made; I only know I made sound because I could feel it in my throat. Trust me, it’s good.

Um, let’s see…. E3 was last week. I didn’t get to watch all the pressers like I usually do, and still haven’t caught up on those I missed. Overall I was unimpressed with this year’s showing, though. There were amazing games–Anthem, Kingdom Hearts, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghosts of Tsushima, and of course Kojima’s bizarre brain child, Death Stranding. The last one actually had some content in its trailer this year, though; normal-ish (for the subject matter), even. I normally wouldn’t bother with the game in spite of how intriguing it is, but looking back on my P.T. stream from last summer I’m wondering if maybe I should (and stream that as well).

As for current games, I downloaded Skyrim and Pixeljunk Monsters 2 to my Switch. It’s my third copy of Skyrim, but my original is on PS3 and in storage & I’m not able to play on PC for the foreseeable future. So, Switch it is. Also, it has that added Switch-bonus of not needing to be played docked, which means Brian and I aren’t fighting over the tv.

Unfortunately, I have a very complicated relationship with PJM. I adore the games, but I’m so stubborn that I can’t move on to the next stage, much less the next area, unless I’ve collected all available rainbows on any given map. That means I haven’t made any progress at all. Oops.

Finally: the gym. Yep, I’m still going, though I did have to break my streak of not missing a single day due to being sick a week or so ago. I haven’t noticed any weight differences (or more importantly, changes in how my clothes fit, since that’s a better way to track progress, IMO). The only change I’ve seen so far for myself, in spite of being told there’s actual, overall change visible, is that my calves are different. I’m sure that’s mostly from running doing the elliptical, but I also do that 30 minute circuit room so I suspect it’s also a (tiny) bit of muscle from over a month of strength stuff in there. Going after work instead of first thing in the morning is killing me, though. That’s what the * up above was for. The fact that I’m going around 6pm is torture, and I’m basically asleep before I even eat dinner. I’m trying to get myself conditioned so that I can try going before work (OMG so painfully early) to see if that helps again, but I haven’t managed it yet.

Other than that… yeah, I can’t think of anything. Brian’s become obsessed with “fixing” the Pop!Vinyl wall at our closing Toys ‘R’ Us, the cat went to the vet but is more or less okay, etc.

Currently playing: Skyrim & Pixeljunk Monsters 2
Last movie at the theater: Solo: A Star Wars Story
Watching: Parks and Rec, The Office, random history of video games documentaries on… I think it’s Amazon?
Listening to: Postmodern Jukebox at work & my standard techno and metal mixes at the gym


tl;dr: If you don’t give a damn, blacklist “#BrenE3” on Twitter this weekend.

Ugh, I’ve been trying to write this post on my lunch break for a week, but my laptop and WP appear to hate each other now.

Also, I’ve had a bit over a week now to have lunch breaks again, which is awesome.

But that’s not the point. The point is, and no one who’s followed me for a year or more will be surprised, that I’ll be on my usual E3 bullshit this weekend over on Twitter. I always start out with the intention of some sort of intelligent discussion and interest, but I’m not going to pretend that I don’t devolve into multiple posts of “SPORTZZ!!!@” for most of EA’s show in particular. Which is kind of backwards, since EA usually has what I want to see the most of (ie, Bioware), but gods, do they fill it with so much sports that I don’t care about.

Because I do have the new job, though, I’ll unfortunately be missing most of Monday’s shows. With that in mind, here’s my minimum E3 schedule this year:

  • Saturday
    • EA Play: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern
  • Sunday
    • Microsoft: 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern
    • Bethesda: 6:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm Eastern
  • Monday
    • Sony: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

Unfortunately, the glaring void where Square and Ubisoft should be is obvious. And that sucks because I love their shows. Also, Tuesday’s Nintendo event is absent, but it’s always absent so that’s not terribly odd. In the past I’ve always had trouble getting that one to actually work (and I’m not just talking about the year that it didn’t work for anyone and everyone missed Mario Kart completely). We get so many Directs anyway, that it feels less severe to miss that one in June.

I’m sure I’ll be watching other in-between talk shows and stuff as well, but I don’t know which ones. I still don’t know how I feel about EA moving to Saturday, though; on the one hand, it makes everything much less frenetic, especially for those actually at the events. They need time to eat and sleep and just plain breathe. So really, that’s the most important thing. But the chaos was fun watching everything remotely, so while it’s better to spread things out me-on-my-sofa kind of misses it all being smushed together.

That’s your warning. I’ll be invading all the tags, so I’m sure I’ll be butting into all kinds of other conversations as I feel like it. But you know what? Butting into others’ convos for events like this always ends with making a ton of new friends, so yeah, sorry not sorry.

Anyway, what are you guys looking forward to? Who do we all thinks is going to win E3 2018?

State of the Brenna, 5/17/18 (Long Post)

So, my first content post since picking this up again. Awesome, right? It’s going to be boring as hell, tho, while I kind of figure out a format I like. Anyway…

I think most people who follow me know, but I haven’t worked at the apartment complex since right before my birthday. I left at a bad time, but it could have been a lot worse. Honestly, though? It’s done wonders for my health, physically and mentally. I’ll never feel perfect–who does?–but I feel so much better. I miss a lot of my residents, one of whom actually tracked me down to call and say goodbye personally (and to invite me to holiday dinners next winter) which was sweet. It means I meant something to people there, which I was really curious about as I left.

Let’s see, what’s something more fun? I mean, I’ve gone and double (actually, triple) dipped on another game–the portability of Skyrim on Switch was finally too much to pass up. We’ve had credit in our Nintendo account since gift cards at Christmas, so it’s not like I paid out of pocket for it. (You know, like I did with SE on Steam, or with all three Dragon Age games including all DLC, in both cases after having everything on console). I’m only at the beginning of both the Companions and the Thieves’ Guild so far; I’ll head to High Hrothgar at level 15, (I’m at 12 now).

Another game Brian’s got me on intermittently is Tharsis (the link is for Steam, but I’m playing on PS4). It’s… a Mars mission cannibalism board game. It’s also punishingly difficult, yet not in a way that causes rage quitting. Brian’s finally beaten it, once; I got to turn six or seven out of ten once on sheer luck. I normally only get to turn four.

Last, and this may also have a lot to do with my health being better, I’m working out. Like, in a gym.

Every day.


I used to wonder why in the world someone in an apartment would go to a real gym when there’s a gym on property only a few buildings from their front door. I get it now though. So much. All thanks to the membership Brian was given for his birthday, and for him having unlimited guest allowances. I don’t do a ton, though; a mile minimum, usually on the elliptical, then every fourth day I do a 30 minute circuit room. I’ll get to the ab circuit eventually (I should have started it today, but I am still getting bad vertigo so I took a very easy day instead).

So… Yeah, I guess that’s it? I’ll think of more later, but that’s it for now.

Currently Playing: Skyrim & Tharsis
Last Movie at the Theater: Infinity War
Watching: The Office, Parks And Rec; re-watching Eureka & BSG
Reading: Nothing
Listening to: Varies; whatever feels best for the gym that morning. Typically something metal or techno


I’m going to run a chapter or two of FFXV (6 & 7?) after I fix my coffee, then a bit later on I’ll get to the other part(s) of Episode Ignis. I have errands to run through most of the day, though, so I’m not sure what or when I can get after those are done.

As always, you can find me here now or a backup on YouTube later.

Nov 2017: FFXIV, Stardew Valley, FFXV Comrades, Nintendo Switch

I’m still here! (…and still forgetting that I am here as well; thanks life for not giving me time to update pretty much ever.)

Okay, where are we?

FFXIV: I’m on a temporary hiatus from Eorzea at the moment… and by temporary, I mean “since Monday morning until probably Friday” and that’s it. I thought I’d be out longer, but I don’t think I’ll have to be anymore. My character’s “Brenna Ce’dria” now (curse the inability to capitalize more than one letter per word), instead of “Ria Hawke” and she made a trip to the aesthetician (I think I mentioned these before? I don’t remember) but she’s still the same character/progression.

She's quite heroic, fighting off an Ascian the way she is.

I’m right at the end of Heavensward so far as I can tell; I just got to Aszys Lla, which is awkward because just like transitioning from the end of 7th Astral Era plot to HW, I’m not used to mobs and quests being my level anymore. That means a lot of Brenna rushing into fights and dying, unfortunately. It also means I’ve been taking some time off for beast tribe dailies instead of progressing. >.>

Stardew Valley: I got here late, as usual, but we picked the game up on PS4 a few weeks ago. Farmer Brenna runs the Insomnia Farm (I was wide awake at 3am when I started my game, it sounded appropriate to the time) and is in ~loooove~ with Abigail. Even if Abby does eat rocks. Which is super, super weird, but she asked me to play Nintendo with her. How was I supposed to say no? Although really, if I’d known about the last bit of this update a few weeks ago, I’d have waited to get the game… Also, this is on my list of things I’m supposed to be streaming at random, but I normally play at like, 4-6am when I’m unable to sleep and that’s not really the best streaming time.

FFXV Comrades: This is finally out! The early combat, of course, is pretty much identical to the beta when I was in that, but so far I love both the setting (you’re a Glaive defending Lestallum after Noct’s disappearance/during the eventual 10 years of darkness) and that it’s Libertus who kind of runs things for the Glaive there. I mean yeah, the hunters and some of the Crownsguard are also there (Monica gives out missions, for example), but you’re a Glaive. You know you’re the one who’s important. And who, in my games, could be as important a crossover as Ria Hawke?

We still aren't sure if she's Ria or not, but she's cute, so does it matter?

Anyhow, I’ll be streaming this off and on, probably starting this weekend. I haven’t tried it yet, but it doesn’t look like it supports actual parties, but you can setup custom rooms so I guess we can use those if anyone wants to join me for games.

And finally… Nintendo Switch: So yeah, we recently received one of these? (Recently like yesterday.) I liked the system when some friends brought theirs (yes, plural friends and plural Switches) over when it first came out, but we didn’t really have any sort of draw to get our own. Well, one’s been gotten for us, so I have to find things to play on it now. Since I already have Stardew for (and well established on) PS4 I’m not going to get that for it, and I’m super easy mode so I don’t want Zelda, so what should I get? We do have Tetris/Puyo Puyo & Splatoon 2, but that’s all so far. So 1) what do you guys suggest and 2) add me!

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