tl;dr: If you don’t give a damn, blacklist “#BrenE3” on Twitter this weekend.

Ugh, I’ve been trying to write this post on my lunch break for a week, but my laptop and WP appear to hate each other now.

Also, I’ve had a bit over a week now to have lunch breaks again, which is awesome.

But that’s not the point. The point is, and no one who’s followed me for a year or more will be surprised, that I’ll be on my usual E3 bullshit this weekend over on Twitter. I always start out with the intention of some sort of intelligent discussion and interest, but I’m not going to pretend that I don’t devolve into multiple posts of “SPORTZZ!!!@” for most of EA’s show in particular. Which is kind of backwards, since EA usually has what I want to see the most of (ie, Bioware), but gods, do they fill it with so much sports that I don’t care about.

Because I do have the new job, though, I’ll unfortunately be missing most of Monday’s shows. With that in mind, here’s my minimum E3 schedule this year:

  • Saturday
    • EA Play: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern
  • Sunday
    • Microsoft: 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern
    • Bethesda: 6:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm Eastern
  • Monday
    • Sony: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

Unfortunately, the glaring void where Square and Ubisoft should be is obvious. And that sucks because I love their shows. Also, Tuesday’s Nintendo event is absent, but it’s always absent so that’s not terribly odd. In the past I’ve always had trouble getting that one to actually work (and I’m not just talking about the year that it didn’t work for anyone and everyone missed Mario Kart completely). We get so many Directs anyway, that it feels less severe to miss that one in June.

I’m sure I’ll be watching other in-between talk shows and stuff as well, but I don’t know which ones. I still don’t know how I feel about EA moving to Saturday, though; on the one hand, it makes everything much less frenetic, especially for those actually at the events. They need time to eat and sleep and just plain breathe. So really, that’s the most important thing. But the chaos was fun watching everything remotely, so while it’s better to spread things out me-on-my-sofa kind of misses it all being smushed together.

That’s your warning. I’ll be invading all the tags, so I’m sure I’ll be butting into all kinds of other conversations as I feel like it. But you know what? Butting into others’ convos for events like this always ends with making a ton of new friends, so yeah, sorry not sorry.

Anyway, what are you guys looking forward to? Who do we all thinks is going to win E3 2018?


#Project365 153/365

Okay, but seriously: If you have any interest in Fairy Tail and/or AMVs, go check out Anime Safe Haven on Youtube. The vast majority of their vids are Fairy Tail, and they’re wonderful; there’s also a smattering of other shows and multi-source vids. (Probably my favorite of the non-FT ones is an SAO one called Other Side of the Screen; there’s also an SAO for This is War that’s one of the best I’ve seen for the song.)

Twelve Days of Socks: Star Wars Edition

So, back in November, I tweeted this:

By and far, November 1st was the best trip to Target I’d ever made in my life. I mean, I freaking love socks, but¬†$15 for 12 pairs of licensed novelty socks?¬†Star Wars novelty socks? The decision was made before I even knew buying them was a question. I don’t even know what the socks in them are, since they’re basically an Advent calendar of socks and you don’t open Advent calendars until each assigned day.

This did pose one problem for the first few days, though: How do I decide when to open them?

The “12 Days” part of the pack’s name evokes the Twelve Days of Christmas, but the Days-of-Christmas don’t¬†begin until actual-real-December-25th-Christmas then continue until Epiphany. (Side Note: See, I¬†do remember something from my one year in a Catholic elementary school!) To put things kindly, there was no way in effing hell I was waiting until Christmas to start my Star Wars 12 Days of Socks.

The next way I considered was to do it the twelve days before Christmas, since that’s what most people seem to think of anyway. Doing it that way would start me on the 14th, and while it times well with the release of The Last Jedi (since I’m seeing the movie at one of the night-before showings), it still put quite a long delay between buying the pack back on November 1st and when I get to actually enjoy them.

That narrowed things down to what, in hindsight, was the only acceptable choice: I open and wear one new pair a day on each of the twelve days¬†leading up to The Last Jedi. It’s not quite following the twelve-days tradition properly, but at least I don’t have to wait any longer.

Oh, and those twelve days? THEY START TOMORROW.

So, starting tomorrow and going through Thursday the 14th, I’m unboxing and wearing a new, surprise pair of Star Wars socks daily. I’m currently praying to anyone who will listen to said prayers for low to moderate temperatures over the next two weeks, because I have to work almost every day between now and Star Wars, and to wear (and hide) these socks at work I have to wear some¬†very warm boots. It’s not going to stop me either way, though, so starting tomorrow? You’re all going to have to deal with some very dumb posts about socks continuing through the 14th.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Birthday, Pillowfort, Games

My birthday’s tomorrow! ¬†And I have a ton of time off work for it, too!¬†Other than Cake Night on Saturday (which c’mon, that’s the important part) I’m not sure specifically how I’m going to spend the time. Games? Yep. Movie(s)? Maybe. Naps? Definitely. The only problem is that I have the massive problem of still not knowing what¬†theme I want for my cake. Brian’s likely to kill me if I don’t pick something soon, so I’ve got to figure something out on that front.¬†We do have new Fairy Tail to watch for my bday, though! Technically not new, but the Collection… 6? set, which is the last two eps of Tenrou, X791, and I think the start of the Grand Magic Games. We’re still catching up on re-watching the last sets though, so we might not watch the new ones right away. We’re about halfway through Oracion¬†Seis as of last night.

Otherwise, in Bren-gaming-news, FFXV Hell is still the Thing. I’m working on general hunts and side quests in chapter 3 before I¬†head into Lestallum with my #PrinceSpaceman New Game+. Brian’s only a little bit behind me on his save (also chapter 3, but not as many side quests done yet),¬†which is nice, because I don’t want to get too far ahead of him as he plays. Ideally, I wouldn’t get ahead of him at all, but the only way to guarantee that is to not play at all until he finishes each chapter. And, well, I don’t want to wait.

I¬†am, however, getting closer to picking up the previously-postponed New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything. I had a dream that was kind of¬†about my Ria Hawke last night, and so with her calling to me I think it might be time to force myself away from FF at last. Well, at least from FFXV. I’ve started playing FF Record Keeper on my phone finally, after god-knows how many times I’ve meant to play it and just never did, and I’m hooked. It’s super generous for a F2P game, and it’s absolutely adorable. Then again, give me FF6 style sprites on almost anything, and you’ll sell me on it.

…And now I’ve just had the horrible and not-affordable idea of commissioning that style pixel art of my Dragon Age girls (at least the main 4 of¬†Warden Elissa, Ria Hawke, Mika Trevelyan, and my Inquisition Agent Vrania Amell; possibly also of my Surana as well, because while she’s not from¬†of my canon world¬†state, I adore her almost as much as do the others). Maybe if people don’t listen to me* and give me like, gift cards or something for my bday that I can trade for art services, I can see if any pixel artists would want a trade like that. *I’ve actually told one friend to contact all our other friends who may come by to override Brian in reference to Cake Night invitations, to tell them that if Brian said “birthday” that I don’t want people to bring stuff. I just want people to eat cake and play a few specific games with. I won’t be rude and turn things away, but presents aren’t what I’m going for.¬†Also, when I saw most of those same friends last week I deliberately called this Saturday Cake Night and not “for my bday” so hopefully that’ll stick.

Oh! I finally got my email from pillowfort.io that their beta’s going live this week! I still don’t know how the site’s going to work overall (and a lot of that is going to depend on the dedication of the community it does or doesn’t build–it’s not all on them), but from the demos I’m hopeful for it as a tumblr/LJ kind of replacement community. I looked today and their sign-up/sign-in splash page is already live, but since it won’t officially open¬†until Friday around¬†3pm EST we won’t be getting our beta keys until then. That said, I¬†will have four extra keys, in addition to the one for myself, so if anyone’s interested just DM me on Twitter. Mutuals from Twitter and/or Tumblr who don’t already have keys¬†get 1st priority on my extra keys, then if all four haven’t been taken then others will be up for grabs to anybody. (You can go ahead and DM me now if you’d like, but I won’t have the keys to pass along until Pillowfort emails them out to me on Friday itself.)

Once pillowfort is opened, and if the site works how I hope it will, I’ll be putting any¬†super-fandom posts over there, with links to them here. That means fanfic, if I ever get focused enough to write it again; that means fanart both commissioned of my characters and that I just really, really adore; that means mega-meta and what-if commentaries on games. Probably/mostly Dragon Age, because FFXV Hell can’t last forever.¬†The NYDARe-Everything will be the opposite, though, with primary posts coming here and the cross-post links going over there.

Okay, finally I do want to mention a small thing that’s not going to be part of this blog’s actual theme or primary content, but that isn’t going to be entirely invisible so I’ll mention it the once: US Politics. This sort of thing won’t be posted directly to this page unless there are some¬†major items that I feel like I¬†can’t not post, but the copy of my Twitter feed on the right side of the page will have quite a bit of politics mixed in with¬†my usual posts of cats, games, and random stream-of-consciousness blather. You’ve been warned, or something like that.

*Fake edit: Coworkers have gotten me presents for my bday tomorrow. D4 got me a $25 Think Geek certificate, which I’m probably going to take to the local store of to dig through their Pop! wall. Manager got me a¬†cute Hello Kitty top-and-shorts PJ set. They both did this after¬†asking what I was getting, and after I answered that I wasn’t “getting” anything cause I told people not to get stuff. They don’t follow directions very well. :p

[Fandom & Personal Post] Games, Medical, Housekeeping, BIRTHDAY!

  1. Games: I’m still fully in Final Fantasy XV hell, and I don’t see myself coming out of it any time soon. The Chocobo-Moogle Carnival/January Update came out this past week, and while I do have some pictures of #PrinceSpaceMan‘s adventure through the festival I’m still working on how I want pictures formatted here. I need to find out if I can link external images into a “gallery” format post or if I¬†have to host them locally. If it has to be local, well, we’ve got some problems. More on that later, though.
    1. I’ve also gotten kind of hooked on Final Fantasy Record Keeper, something I don’t know how I haven’t played before now. I’ve even downloaded it multiple times in the past, and when I never got around to it I¬†would¬†uninstall it again. It’s so much fun though, and so cute.
    2. Twitch streaming of FFXV will pick up again when I get my PrinceSpaceMan NG+ caught up to where the original save’s streams left off. I think that’s chapter 6, but I’m not sure. I need to dig through my previous clips and figure out where I was. It won’t have the fun of first-time reactions that the original save had, but at least I won’t be wandering quite so blindly.
  2. Medical: If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that this week especially I’ve been going through some of the worst migraines I’ve had in years. They’re getting in the way of a lot of things right now, and I’m trying to push through them, but damn it’s been hard.¬†They’ve been cutting into¬†everything, both¬†Serious Life Stuff and Fun Relaxing Stuff. So when I have the energy, I might be whining about that a bit. If I’m not whining, I’m either sleeping or feel well enough to watch movies or play games or something.
  3. Housekeeping:¬†Like I said above, I’m still working out some kinks of how I want to make gallery posts here.¬†Storage on my free account is… lacking… but I’m not in a spot to upgrade that right now. So, if¬†gallery images have to be hosted locally? That’s a problem. But if I can link them from anywhere else we’ll definitely be in business. Maybe it’ll let me host thumbnails and link those to full sized images off-site? That might be a happy medium, if necessary and allowed.
  4. BIRTHDAY! The countdown is less than a week now, and my manager gave me a 4-day weekend for it. (I was only asking for the day itself because the month-end/month-start transition is so busy, but she says she can cover it.) They aren’t free days off, of course, but my allowed¬†time off¬†can afford it, even with being sick this week. More importantly than birthday, though, is Cake Day. Yeah, I capitalized that. It’s an event. I told Brian to tell anyone he invites over for that the cake¬†is all I’m worried about, and to just bring games to¬†play and not other stuff. I have enough things that I can’t keep up with as it is.
    1. There is one birthday thing I’m getting Brian to get me: the next Fairy Tail Blu-Ray¬†collection. It’s one of the few anime that I can’t watch in Japanese, and all of the streams for the show are only subbed now. So that means buying it, and buying it as collections instead of¬†“Parts” gets me more episodes at a time, but I have to wait longer for them. Even though the eps are already dubbed. Funimation is dumb sometimes. (For the record the next set, the one that came out last week, should be the last episode of Tenrou Island and the start of the Grand Magic Games. After that, I have to find an excuse in March for the collection after that. It shouldn’t be too hard to justify as a¬†single splurge that month, especially since Brian isn’t caught up to as much as I am from the manga leaks.)
    2. I’m still trying to figure out what to¬†ask for for my cake, though. I normally have this decided months in advance for something mildly ridiculous, but this month all I can really think of are stars or the color purple. A far cry from the rainbow dinosaur cake from a few years ago, but I’m cutting it really close time-wise so I’ll take what I can get.

Officially Moved (Though Not Finished Setting the Site Up)

Blogger, goodbye. Tumblr, almost goodbye. LJ, goodbye but your type of content will probably go to somewhere like Dreamwidth, not here.

Twitter¬†still stays.¬†Twitch still stays.¬†Google services (YouTube, G+, Hangouts) still stay. Steam and Instagram. There are¬†other pages and accounts you can find me at, and I’ll make an official page later with a full directory, but these are the main ones.

That said, I’m still not done fixing things up here how I want them to look, but I’ll get by for now. I have a little bit of purple going on, and¬†I’ve always liked that sort of thing. My next two goals are to set up a proper About page and the directory I mentioned above. Once those are in place I’ll probably go back to structural stuff, setting up the menus and widgets how I want them.

Finale: Mixed Messages? (Long Post)

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my recent posts about the migraines, allergies, and insomnia I’ve been suffering this week. What I’m about to post made me laugh even through the pain of the migraines and exhaustion of working through a corporate visit at work after only an hour of sleep.

I’ve made quite a few posts lately about door mats. Quite a while back, I introduced my mat here as I pondered how specifically a vampire must be invited to enter a home. Then at the beginning of this month, my prized door mat vanished which left me quite unprotected, and a week later this crude replacement was left in its place. Now, it ends; or at least, the drama of the door mat likely has ended so that new, more insidious pranks can be managed by those responsible.

As I came home yesterday everything was fairly normal: I parked the car, walked to my building, and trudged up to my floor. However, upon reaching the top of the stairs I was greeted by the following sight:

(Click to enlarge.)

On most days, this would be a moment for me to laugh normally, but considering my condition I laughed so hard I cried when I saw it. The photo is actually from the other angle from where I first got to glimpse the scene, but I also have individual shots of each of the door mats (and occasionally kitchen and bath mats) left outside my door yesterday–fifteen in total. (The picture itself has seventeen mats, including my original mat and the imposter mat that I still haven’t gotten rid of.) Just for fun, I’m going to rate each mat’s Vampire Prevention Value (VPV) on a scale of 1-5 while I’m at it, where 1 = “Please bite me”, 3 is neither positive or negative to the vampire, and 5 = “Fuck off”.

From the left to right & back to front:
1) *Grr* I’m a tiger!
I’d have to rate this one a 4 on my VPV scale. There is no mention of “welcomes” or “invitations” and while there is no overt threat from this mat either, the tiger itself is a fearsome beast. If properly trained, one could probably be an amazing guard cat–much more effective than the three cats I currently have.
2) I’m a slightly fancy, but still generic door mat.
Unless there is some hidden message woven into the design of this mat, it’s a solid 3 on the VPV scale. No welcoming, but no threats. In addition, it’s not particularly tacky so while it will get ugly pretty quickly because of its light color, at the moment it is a respectable door mat.
3) Boring, now in beige!
I certainly hope this didn’t cost anyone more than 50¬Ę to buy this. While it also gets a 3 VPV, it’s just so boring, and an ugly color to boot.
4) Boring, now in green!
Same as above, but at least the color is a tiny bit better. VPV of 3.
5) Normals need not apply.
In spite of the wildlife theme of this mat giving an initial impression of redneck, I like this mat. It’s relatively accurate considering the fact that I live there, but it does worry me. While the mat definitely wins a five on the Annoy Stodgy Neighbors scale, I can only give it a VPV of 2. There’s definitely no overt invitation, which is a good start, but the line, “Home for the Unusual” worries me. Vampires are not particularly common, plus drinking blood and sleeping in coffins are definitely somewhat strange behaviors in typical society. I don’t have any choice here but to classify that line as an indirect invitation for any one or thing that is considered “unusual” to not only enter, but to even move in!
6) Ishihara Test for Color Blindness
Technically a kitchen mat, not a door mat, but a VPV of 2.5. I really should probably give it only a three, but perhaps if the vampire is colorblind he will recognize the mat as an Ishihara test and become offended that he is being taunted by his inability to see reds and greens. At this point, one of two things could happen: he could (a) get all emo as vampires lately have become prone to doing, and go home to cry bitter tears beneath his perfect hair; or more likely he will (b) seek revenge for the insult and embarassment. He cannot enter the home to take such vengence, but that doesn’t mean he can’t ambush the ones within as they leave the house.
(The next mat in the photo is just the gross imposter mat without it’s label, so I’m not posting it again.)
7) Peace, Love, and puncture wounds.
I don’t mind mats that look like pebbles themselves, but when the pebbles have words on them it just looks dumb. The only time this mat is appropriate is if a miserable bastard gets it for his home so that he can wipe the dirt from his boots across such noble concepts as “harmony” and “tranquility”. Even worse is the fatal mistake that earns this mat the first VPV of 1 on this page, the inclusion of the greeting “Welcome” in one of the pebbles near the center. Without specifically defining which individuals are welcome and which aren’t, a vampire with keen enough eyes to notice this fact will be able to feast upon anyone within, in the privacy of their own home.
8) So long, and thanks for all the fish!
I adore this mat, and am sad that it’s a stiff, scratchy door mat and not a kitchen mat like mat number six. If it were a kitchen or bath mat, I’d totally use this inside my house. As for the VPV, it’s probably another 3. While it does have “Hello” printed on the one odd fish out, saying hello to someone doesn’t overtly or implicitly invite them to your home.
9) This is the mat I’m looking for.
Just wanted to make sure before anyone with a guilty conscience starts arguing with me that I make it very clear that my original mat WAS returned with the delivery of the new mats. My mat, by the way, gets a 4.5 as it’s VPV. It makes no threat to the vampire, but he knows that under no circumstances is he welcome.
10) Mostly harmless, unless you’re allergic to cherries.
I don’t understand why this design is on a door mat, personally. It doesn’t seem to be causing any harm, though, so its VPV is 3.
11) Epic Win
A bit redneck for my tastes, much like the loon mat, but so much more successful in vampire repelling. This one is actually the only mat to get a VPV of 5 of the entire set, including my original mat. Trespassers are not only clearly unwelcome, but the mat offers threats of violence for any offenders. Although in Interview with a Vampire the alligators in the swamp weren’t effective at killing Louis, they still fucked him up pretty badly.
12, 13, 14, and 16) Here we have a cross hatch design, some coffee mugs, some military pride, and the kid from The Incredibles. All get a VPV of 3.
15) A moose? Seriously?
The final mat, though it’s a bit out of order from the photo. This is exactly what I was afraid of when I first started to wonder about door mats as invitations. At least in the pebble mat the word is slightly obscured, and the vampire might not realize he is permitted inside. But to feature the word so prominently on the mat is suicide. While you’re at it, make sure to leave your door unlocked, too. Definitely a VPV of 1.