I suppose I’ll start with my two every-page descriptions and a little more insight on them. Both of them are more than fairly accurate, but those who don’t know me either online or in person might not catch the meaning of some bits, such as my Evil Swan mention below. First, the blog description:
Periodic ramblings of a geek. Includes much discussion of Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, her cats, and the Evil Swan where she works. Some language NSFW, but otherwise clean. Comments do not reflect the opinion of any employer past, present, or future. Not associated with the other Dork Tower.
Gamer, PAXer, Nerd. Prone to minor obsessions of a geeky nature. Talks way too much online, but almost never says a thing in person.
If you don’t like F-bombs, go away. I’m not terribly free with them on this page, but free enough that you’ve long since been warned.
The first bit is extremely and last bit is fairly straightforward. Let me be clear that nothing on this site–opinions, statements, etc–is anything but mine except for where I’ve otherwise noted that the material is someone else’s. It could be the one guest post I have from a Twitter friend, an in-line quote or paraphrase from someone I’ve spoken to or something I’ve heard, or a block quote from a website or book, whatever. If it’s not mine, I’ll say so. If I don’t say so, assume that it’s mine and don’t hold anything against any other entities that might be mentioned in that post or any one or thing that is even remotely associated with me. While I don’t use this blog like I used my LiveJournal of old with the woe-is-me Eeyore style moping, I do occasionally post angrily. Even when I’m not angry, my posts can often be very emotional (at least for me–even if that emotion is just fangirl-fueled glee).
Next is language. I have the mouth of a sailor. In person and on Twitter, I let fly almost any word that comes to mind. I do consider my audience, however, for appropriateness. I don’t swear around customers, and I am very quiet if I know children are around (if I swear at all). I try to extend that to this blog. On the blog, though, it’s not so much with the purpose of not offending people or avoiding social and professional gaffes; it’s just that I think swearing is lazy when writing. If I can think of a better way of expressing my distaste, I will use it. But very occasionally, a good, emphatic “fuck” is the best way to get the emotion across. In these cases I’ll use whichever language I feel is best suited to the post.