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I’m more of a curator than a creator but there are a few things I’ve tried to put together, with varying degrees of success. Includes fic, memes, meta, and other similar nonsense:

(Coming soon – Full character profile pages.)

FanfictionOther than one shots and ficlets and such posted to tumblr that haven’t been refined, the most recent and I guess “official” spot for my fic is over on AO3. I also have most items uploaded to FF.net still, but those versions should be considered as lower drafts. I have a small handful of things for NPC/companion characters but most of my fic focuses on–or is at least set in the same continuity as–my OCs: Elissa, Ria Hawke, Vrania Amell, and Mika Trevelyan. Basic info for each of them, and for a few other characters, can be found on my characters page here or on my Charahub.

Memes: The 30 Day Grey Warden Challenge is not mine, but I do seem to be the unofficial host for it now. My archived version of it and a number of other ask memes are found in the Mega Monthly Meme Masterpost.

Teas: I really like tea. I have a few that I’ve made for my OCs. You can find them here, though I’m going to stab myself in the foot and say you should definitely try Teas of Thedas as well, if not just skipping over my own blends and going only for those. Most of Dragon Age’s characters are represented there, and every single blend I’ve had from that set is amazing. Special shout out to Darning Socks and Whatnot (the Wynne blend) as the very best decaf black tea I’ve had. (The fact that it’s decaf is probably the second-best thing about it, since I’m normally an extremely pro-caffeine person but it’s really nice to have a black tea I can drink before bed.)

Meta/Resources/Etc: Not a lot that I can think of to put here, actually, but what I do have is linked below.

  • Consolidated maps of Ferelden: I used every map I could find from all the games, books, etc, in addition to help and feedback from others, and have what should be as close as is possible to an official map of all known locations in Ferelden as of Nov 5, 2015. The linked post contains both the “official” map and a slightly altered one that I use for my headcanon needs, reasoning behind changes, conflicts, etc between both the source maps and my posted ones. It also contains links to full sized versions of both the “official” map and my personal one, in color and black and white.
  • Dragon Age Origins Universal Dye Kit projects: The master post for the dyes/tints I made for Nezroy’s UDK is actually hosted over at my other, little-used blog, as are the individual tint projects and where applicable the download links for dyes I made public. I haven’t used the UDK for new dyes in quite a while, but I’m still always open to requests because while some tints are fairly simple, others can be a challenge and those challenging ones are the best.
  • Fuck Yeah Fem!Cousland: Submissions are always welcome, so long as they follow the no-hate rule in particular in the Submission Guide. Most posts, however, are gleaned from the various Cousland tags. The queue is normally a month or so long, since I only have it post once a day. Many posts get put into drafts first though (normally if I’m saving them from my phone, so I can tag them properly later) and that list is even longer than the queue most days. If you send me an actual submission, though, that does go straight into the queue ahead of drafted posts that I haven’t converted yet.
  • (WIP) Searchable PDF Origins and Dragon Age 2 Codex Files: There are actually already completed versions of all three games’ codexes that are easily searchable PDFs, but I don’t believe their compiler has them available for public and the copies I have aren’t mine to share. If those other versions are made public, those will be linked here with credit alongside my own versions, if/when I finish mine, as they follow a fairly different format from the ones I’m working on. (The information in my version and theirs are of course the same, since they use the same sources, but each version’s formatting has its own individual merits so I think both should be available, assuming the other’s are made public.)
  • (WIP) Thedas’ Zodiac: Just like a real-world zodiac, this will be something meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Still, I’m working on some fun-if-not-cliched descriptions for a Dragon Age zodiac, with one sign per calendar month of the game’s canon using constellations from Inquisition’s astrariums, various other codexes, and a lot of conjecture. (Obviously, just like our own zodiacs, characters not fitting their “signs” will happen. Even if you were to choose to use these in your own headcanons there’s no reason to map your characters to them if you already have conflicting birthdays for them.)