Final Fantasy: All The Bravest..?

I’ve “played” this “game” enough that I’ve apparently finished it with the fight against Ex-Death or Neo Ex-Death or whichever it was, but I still don’t get it.

(Pictured: Not Neo Ex-Death, cause I didn’t get a picture of him. Have a Tiamat instead.)

I mean, I understand how to play the game as the tutorial teaches you to. Tap a character, they hit enemy. Character gets hit, they’re out. Fine. But that’s… literally it? And once I ended up with more than maybe 5 characters (which happened really damned early) I wasn’t tapping characters anymore so much as just constantly swiping at my screen to make sure a character is attacking as soon as it was active again. And… that’s it. That’s the whole game.

And I played until the end, and I’m still not entirely sure why.

The game has premium characters and items and stuff. For you to buy. With money. Have people actually paid for them? Why? There’s no where in the game to take them. So far as I can tell, you don’t get extra levels for unlocking premium characters. And even if you did, it’s more than a little dumb.

Also, why in god’s name is there a social function? I barely want to type out this post admitting that I played this game through to the end. I’m only doing it because I’m that confused by the game and the fact that I continued to play it. I sure as hell didn’t want to brag about it while playing.

IDK. I’m not going to understand ATB. I’m just going to go back to Record Keeper. I’m currently on the last fight of Castle Fynn from FFII, which I guess is about a third through the currently-available Realm dungeons, and it’s keeping me far more entertained than most mobile games. And at least it is a game, especially compared to ATB.


Post-Birthday and Games

I thought I’d get back here sooner than this, but having four days off for my birthday actually turned into doing things instead of just being at home with time to spare. Not any sort of big things; just lunch out, going to the mall to get more Pop!s with a gift card and roaming town in general, then dinner out the day of. Then random errands and Cake Night the rest of the weekend. But still, more time out than home, which means more time not on FFXV than on it.

Right now? I’m trudging through all the hunts as of Chapter 3. Even though I know this time that if I leave and come back, they’ll be there when I do, I can’t help but to clear up as many of them as possible before moving on. That means doing everything available before entering the Leville and meeting Iris, otherwise Noct’s headaches will start and the Plot will be Advanced. Which I can’t let happen, because I’m doing hunts. I need to let Brian play some anyway, though, so maybe I’ll have him do that and put off some of my game for him to have time with it instead. I’ve been trying to find stuff like the Cosmogony books and other lore online that I can drip feed him as he goes without spoiling anything; that way when he gets to Those Parts of the Game, he’ll have some background for what the hell is going on. I was able to send him most of the “ancient” history stuff without worrying about spoilers. Two of the sections needed removing, but the rest was fine. He went through those, and I’m pretty sure he has questions but doesn’t know what to ask that I won’t freeze up on and accidentally spoil by how I do or don’t answer.

Another thing that can work out if I pass the game to Brian is starting on the DA Re-Everything. The first two parts of that are books so I won’t need the game room for it, and/or I can sit with Brian and read while he plays. And, if I decide to include Gleam’s comic, that’s a third part that I can do that isn’t a game. This is probably how I should and probably will work this project out, so now I just need to figure out what kind of post format to use for it and get started. I’m going to work on that, then get a start on The Stolen Throne.

Birthday, Pillowfort, Games

My birthday’s tomorrow!  And I have a ton of time off work for it, too! Other than Cake Night on Saturday (which c’mon, that’s the important part) I’m not sure specifically how I’m going to spend the time. Games? Yep. Movie(s)? Maybe. Naps? Definitely. The only problem is that I have the massive problem of still not knowing what theme I want for my cake. Brian’s likely to kill me if I don’t pick something soon, so I’ve got to figure something out on that front. We do have new Fairy Tail to watch for my bday, though! Technically not new, but the Collection… 6? set, which is the last two eps of Tenrou, X791, and I think the start of the Grand Magic Games. We’re still catching up on re-watching the last sets though, so we might not watch the new ones right away. We’re about halfway through Oracion Seis as of last night.

Otherwise, in Bren-gaming-news, FFXV Hell is still the Thing. I’m working on general hunts and side quests in chapter 3 before I head into Lestallum with my #PrinceSpaceman New Game+. Brian’s only a little bit behind me on his save (also chapter 3, but not as many side quests done yet), which is nice, because I don’t want to get too far ahead of him as he plays. Ideally, I wouldn’t get ahead of him at all, but the only way to guarantee that is to not play at all until he finishes each chapter. And, well, I don’t want to wait.

am, however, getting closer to picking up the previously-postponed New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything. I had a dream that was kind of about my Ria Hawke last night, and so with her calling to me I think it might be time to force myself away from FF at last. Well, at least from FFXV. I’ve started playing FF Record Keeper on my phone finally, after god-knows how many times I’ve meant to play it and just never did, and I’m hooked. It’s super generous for a F2P game, and it’s absolutely adorable. Then again, give me FF6 style sprites on almost anything, and you’ll sell me on it.

…And now I’ve just had the horrible and not-affordable idea of commissioning that style pixel art of my Dragon Age girls (at least the main 4 of Warden Elissa, Ria Hawke, Mika Trevelyan, and my Inquisition Agent Vrania Amell; possibly also of my Surana as well, because while she’s not from of my canon world state, I adore her almost as much as do the others). Maybe if people don’t listen to me* and give me like, gift cards or something for my bday that I can trade for art services, I can see if any pixel artists would want a trade like that. *I’ve actually told one friend to contact all our other friends who may come by to override Brian in reference to Cake Night invitations, to tell them that if Brian said “birthday” that I don’t want people to bring stuff. I just want people to eat cake and play a few specific games with. I won’t be rude and turn things away, but presents aren’t what I’m going for. Also, when I saw most of those same friends last week I deliberately called this Saturday Cake Night and not “for my bday” so hopefully that’ll stick.

Oh! I finally got my email from that their beta’s going live this week! I still don’t know how the site’s going to work overall (and a lot of that is going to depend on the dedication of the community it does or doesn’t build–it’s not all on them), but from the demos I’m hopeful for it as a tumblr/LJ kind of replacement community. I looked today and their sign-up/sign-in splash page is already live, but since it won’t officially open until Friday around 3pm EST we won’t be getting our beta keys until then. That said, I will have four extra keys, in addition to the one for myself, so if anyone’s interested just DM me on Twitter. Mutuals from Twitter and/or Tumblr who don’t already have keys get 1st priority on my extra keys, then if all four haven’t been taken then others will be up for grabs to anybody. (You can go ahead and DM me now if you’d like, but I won’t have the keys to pass along until Pillowfort emails them out to me on Friday itself.)

Once pillowfort is opened, and if the site works how I hope it will, I’ll be putting any super-fandom posts over there, with links to them here. That means fanfic, if I ever get focused enough to write it again; that means fanart both commissioned of my characters and that I just really, really adore; that means mega-meta and what-if commentaries on games. Probably/mostly Dragon Age, because FFXV Hell can’t last forever. The NYDARe-Everything will be the opposite, though, with primary posts coming here and the cross-post links going over there.

Okay, finally I do want to mention a small thing that’s not going to be part of this blog’s actual theme or primary content, but that isn’t going to be entirely invisible so I’ll mention it the once: US Politics. This sort of thing won’t be posted directly to this page unless there are some major items that I feel like I can’t not post, but the copy of my Twitter feed on the right side of the page will have quite a bit of politics mixed in with my usual posts of cats, games, and random stream-of-consciousness blather. You’ve been warned, or something like that.

*Fake edit: Coworkers have gotten me presents for my bday tomorrow. D4 got me a $25 Think Geek certificate, which I’m probably going to take to the local store of to dig through their Pop! wall. Manager got me a cute Hello Kitty top-and-shorts PJ set. They both did this after asking what I was getting, and after I answered that I wasn’t “getting” anything cause I told people not to get stuff. They don’t follow directions very well. :p

[Fandom & Personal Post] Games, Medical, Housekeeping, BIRTHDAY!

  1. Games: I’m still fully in Final Fantasy XV hell, and I don’t see myself coming out of it any time soon. The Chocobo-Moogle Carnival/January Update came out this past week, and while I do have some pictures of #PrinceSpaceMan‘s adventure through the festival I’m still working on how I want pictures formatted here. I need to find out if I can link external images into a “gallery” format post or if I have to host them locally. If it has to be local, well, we’ve got some problems. More on that later, though.
    1. I’ve also gotten kind of hooked on Final Fantasy Record Keeper, something I don’t know how I haven’t played before now. I’ve even downloaded it multiple times in the past, and when I never got around to it I would uninstall it again. It’s so much fun though, and so cute.
    2. Twitch streaming of FFXV will pick up again when I get my PrinceSpaceMan NG+ caught up to where the original save’s streams left off. I think that’s chapter 6, but I’m not sure. I need to dig through my previous clips and figure out where I was. It won’t have the fun of first-time reactions that the original save had, but at least I won’t be wandering quite so blindly.
  2. Medical: If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that this week especially I’ve been going through some of the worst migraines I’ve had in years. They’re getting in the way of a lot of things right now, and I’m trying to push through them, but damn it’s been hard. They’ve been cutting into everything, both Serious Life Stuff and Fun Relaxing Stuff. So when I have the energy, I might be whining about that a bit. If I’m not whining, I’m either sleeping or feel well enough to watch movies or play games or something.
  3. Housekeeping: Like I said above, I’m still working out some kinks of how I want to make gallery posts here. Storage on my free account is… lacking… but I’m not in a spot to upgrade that right now. So, if gallery images have to be hosted locally? That’s a problem. But if I can link them from anywhere else we’ll definitely be in business. Maybe it’ll let me host thumbnails and link those to full sized images off-site? That might be a happy medium, if necessary and allowed.
  4. BIRTHDAY! The countdown is less than a week now, and my manager gave me a 4-day weekend for it. (I was only asking for the day itself because the month-end/month-start transition is so busy, but she says she can cover it.) They aren’t free days off, of course, but my allowed time off can afford it, even with being sick this week. More importantly than birthday, though, is Cake Day. Yeah, I capitalized that. It’s an event. I told Brian to tell anyone he invites over for that the cake is all I’m worried about, and to just bring games to play and not other stuff. I have enough things that I can’t keep up with as it is.
    1. There is one birthday thing I’m getting Brian to get me: the next Fairy Tail Blu-Ray collection. It’s one of the few anime that I can’t watch in Japanese, and all of the streams for the show are only subbed now. So that means buying it, and buying it as collections instead of “Parts” gets me more episodes at a time, but I have to wait longer for them. Even though the eps are already dubbed. Funimation is dumb sometimes. (For the record the next set, the one that came out last week, should be the last episode of Tenrou Island and the start of the Grand Magic Games. After that, I have to find an excuse in March for the collection after that. It shouldn’t be too hard to justify as a single splurge that month, especially since Brian isn’t caught up to as much as I am from the manga leaks.)
    2. I’m still trying to figure out what to ask for for my cake, though. I normally have this decided months in advance for something mildly ridiculous, but this month all I can really think of are stars or the color purple. A far cry from the rainbow dinosaur cake from a few years ago, but I’m cutting it really close time-wise so I’ll take what I can get.

Officially Moved (Though Not Finished Setting the Site Up)

Blogger, goodbye. Tumblr, almost goodbye. LJ, goodbye but your type of content will probably go to somewhere like Dreamwidth, not here.

Twitter still stays. Twitch still stays. Google services (YouTube, G+, Hangouts) still stay. Steam and Instagram. There are other pages and accounts you can find me at, and I’ll make an official page later with a full directory, but these are the main ones.

That said, I’m still not done fixing things up here how I want them to look, but I’ll get by for now. I have a little bit of purple going on, and I’ve always liked that sort of thing. My next two goals are to set up a proper About page and the directory I mentioned above. Once those are in place I’ll probably go back to structural stuff, setting up the menus and widgets how I want them.

Super Construction Site Go!

Don’t mind me, I’m just rebuilding over here as I prepare to shut down my old Blogger. You’ll probably see the theme change a few times, especially if I can find one with both the post format and sticky post options that I actually like. (If I do find one, this post will become a sticky post so it doesn’t get lost in the middle of other testing and cross-posting that I’ll be doing while setting things up.) If you have any recs for themes with both features, hit me up with some links. I think the default Contact page for the theme works? (Edit: It does, I just checked.) If not, or if I’ve removed it already (something I am planning on doing) then just comment with a link for whatever recs you have and I’ll check them out.

(And oh god, yes, even if I stick with this theme–Newsworthy, I think it is?–I’ll be redoing colors and headers and whatever else it lets me play with. Because these colors? Ew.)

As for the old Blogger, most of my more recent posts (November-ish?) will be cross-posted here to carry over some context to the newer posts. Everything else? I’ll have an offline backup for that stuff, but otherwise the old page will be gone and gone.

New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything Postponed (Last of the cross-post/archives from blogger.)

I’m not cancelling the idea, so don’t worry (as if anyone other than myself was worried :p). I’m just officially acknowledging that I need more time to get it started. The short excuse is: I fell into Final Fantasy XV Hell much harder, and for much longer, than I expected to. I finished my first save on the 1st:


I played on Easy (cause I almost always do) and I did pretty much every hunt available before endgame, so yeah my level was a little out of control for not being a New Game+. I’ll try and make a fuller post for the game, with spoilers, but that’ll come later. For now though, I just started my first NG+ after about two weeks of postgame. This NG+ is being documented on my Twitter with the hashtag #PrinceSpaceman if anyone wants to follow the absurdity of it. Also, I wanna give a shoutout and rec for @FFXVsnapshot for being amazing at archiving some of the amazing shots and comments that everyone’s uploading to Twitter from their games.

(As an aside, Brian’s also playing the game now, so my NG+ playtime is limited to his progress so I don’t have to start banishing him from the room again when I play to keep as many spoilers away from him as possible. I’m uploading his screen caps to FFXVsnapshot as well, with his handle in the post to separate them from my own uploads.)

But! Back to the postponed Dragon Age project, cause that was the original reason for this post. FFXV is the most obvious reason for delaying it, but I’m also trying to set up a new spot on WordPress that I’m going to move over to, instead of here at Blogger. Blogger’s been good to me, but it’s time to move along. WordPress I’m hoping will give me some more options comparatively, since everything here has become more than a bit dated. If everything works right, then will redirect to there once I have it set up how I like. Some of the content here I’ll archive there, but most of it will be purged for age and irrelevance so I can start with a clean-ish slate there.

Since I don’t have a time frame for when I can pull myself away from FFXV enough to move back to DA, and since I don’t have a schedule yet for the WP either, I don’t know yet when the Re-Everything will start. But when it does, I’ll let everyone know so you can move to following there as you’re interested.