Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta Playthrough

Well, not so much a playthrough considering the content, but about an hour and a half of checking out the beta test last weekend. Or rather… quite a lot of me rolling around and doing somersaults while waiting on a match. But it sounds like there’s going to be another beta added this weekend-ish to test an update to the matchmaking, which hopefully will be good. (I’ll be one it sometime or another, so hit me up on the PSN version whenever you want.)

The bare minimum, though? The test is the bare minimum, but it’s still fun. Especially on the first match I got since we had other live players and not just AIs.

Oh, and I just peeked at the test’s official page, and it has a decent comparison of test vs planned full-version features and requirements. Especially important for anyone who wants to try it out still, that the stability update should go live today. The only catch seems to be only those who already downloaded the test can get into this second round, since it wasn’t supposed to be a thing in the first place. (Thinking about this, it’s probably to accurately measure the effectiveness of the update. Adding more capacity but then increasing the load doesn’t do much for proper comparisons.)


Final Fantasy XV New Game+ Chapter 2 Stream

(Stream goes live about 3 minutes after this post publishes, click here!)

I’ve already done chapter 1 with no hunts or side quests that aren’t otherwise mandatory, so I’m moving on to chapter 2 now. There’s going to be a little bit of overlap at the beginning that I’ll edit out later; thanks to how the autosaves work in the game we should be seeing everything starting from the announcement of the attack on Insomnia through the call from Cor before moving on to the actual “new” content.

Also, like chapter 1 I’m not just going to be playing the bare minimum of quests; I’m also completely silent and playing with subtitles, so this series of streams is going to be great for anyone new or old who just wants to watch the actual game and not have me blathering over it.

See you guys in just a minute!

Taking a Quick Break from Comrades

Going back offline for a bit, after two disastrous runs at the second pair of missions. Will post more when I get back online, and will post video(s) of the streams when all’s done. (I haven’t decided yet if I want to post them separately, or see if I can combine them into one.)

Final Fantasy XIV: Ria Hawke does Eorzea

So I’ve been tied up almost entirely in FFXIV since mid-April, but never got around to posting any of my exploits. I figure I should finally do that.

Meet Ria Hawke.

Lookit those frecklesHers is an evil grin

Look and sound familiar? She should, since she’s a crack take on my DA2 Hawke. Well, almost any take on Ria is a crack take, but that’s not the point this time. I picked Ria to start the game with because when it all comes down to it, she’s the one character of mine that can be adapted to almost any setting. What’s more, she’s such a random-ass goof that I can just play like an idiot and still be kind of role-playing her. For instance, shortly after starting her adventures in Ul’dah, she met a (blond) Handsome Stranger under the Sultantree… who, it turns out, gets a bit of head baggage of his own. Sound familiar? It turns out Ria has a type.

Handsome Stranger Another Handsome Stranger

So anyway, Ria spends most of ARR trying to get sempai to notice her. She starts out as a pugilist, then becomes a rogue, then a ninja, all while trying on pretty much every hat she can get her hands on. This one’s probably her favorite:

Ria is a classy lady

The game proceeds along it’s designated path through ARR. I have to headcanon a lot of random responses and motivations for the few options given since she’s Ria, but being a JRPG–online or otherwise–means a very scripted, closed plot compared to Bioware’s more open stuff. She continues through the game, fights Lahabrea (spoiler: I couldn’t actually fight him cause I stayed behind to watch all the cutscenes while the others left me behind), is saved by her pet magitek, Maggie, and in turn saves her sempai from the explosions and such in the aftermath. The alliance leaders declare the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era, and everyone’s happy, cause that’s how these things go.

Except Alphinaud has this brilliant idea to start his own private army that later turns on us, the assholes in my beautiful Ul’dah decide to commit regicide, and we’re pushed into hiding in Ishgard. It’s cold in Ishgard. (Also somewhere during the Seventh Astral Era, Ria got bored with Thancred. I guess he just wasn’t as fun post-Lahabrea?)

Around this time, I realized I was having trouble recognizing when people were trying to get my attention in dungeons and trials and stuff, because I’m not used to answering to Ria. So I figured I’d do the name change so I can have Brenna Ce’dria back (omg it kills me not having the D capitalized). I also figure since we’re fugitives now (even though the game handwaves that away) I should get a makeover. So now, I look like this:

OMG this took so long to fix the lighting. Heavensward is NOT good for clear pictures!

Conveniently, Stormblood came out just as I reached the end of the Seventh Astral Era plot; that meant I could switch from ninja to samurai as well as get my make over, so now my “disguise” is complete I guess. (Also, samurai is so much damned fun; it’s like my ninja but I don’t die as often, which is nice.)

Anyway, yeah; that’s most of what I’ve done since April. I have worked my way a little into Heavensward’s plot, but not far; I have the trial to fight Ravana but haven’t done so yet. When I get further into that, I’ll post more about my further adventures through Eorzea.

Fake Edit: Oh! I almost forgot, look at how cozy my apartment is!


I started it when my character was still Ria, to make a Hanged Man kind of tavern, but named the room The Mad Hatter. You know, cause Ria and her hats. There are still some touches I want to add, like more stuff on the walls, a hat stand, some food stuffs that don’t look too fancy for my setting, and some sort of storage in the bedroom (I don’t know if the armoire will fit in the one I made, which is the other side of that wall, though, so I haven’t jumped on that yet). Also, a few more dyes for some of the furniture. When we (Cult of Koolaid) finally can get a Free Company house, I’ll figure out a different theme for my room there, but my little apartment will be exactly as imagined soon!

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

I’ll be starting this up in just a few minutes over on Twitch, but I have to say, I’m a bit worried. Not just about Prompto, though I mean c’mon, everyone who’s played the main game and has seen the trailers for this already know what’s going to be happening.

Me? I’m worried that there isn’t going to be enough time to cover all the plot hinted at in chapter 13. Either way, I’m heading into it. Join me, and wish me luck!