I’m A PokeStar! So, What’s Next?

So, I finally finished Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee overnight Saturday. First, I’m gonna celebrate here with some Titus Jones (give him some love if you can!) before getting into the real post here.

Okay, so the real point of this post is to try and figure out what the hell I should pick up next. Up until yesterday, my entire Steam library was off-limits on the basis I had no chair to sit at my damned computer, and the room isn’t set up in a way that lets me connect the computer to the tv. But! Now Brian has his own chair, and I have my old one back. Finally! So, I have to figure out a list of up to four games per format to consider for my next adventure. I’m welcoming any suggestions that you guys might have, but in order to be added to the potential game list they have to ultimately be ones I already own but have never finished in any way, and that includes avoiding pretty much all ports, too. And considering my Steam library, like everyone else’s, has at least two dozen games I’ve never touched, I have quite the selection.

So, yeah. I’m going to dig through, pick those four-ish games per platform: PC, which is most likely through Steam but could also be EA Origin, Twitch, etc; PS4, Switch, and maybe NES/SNES Classic. I’ll do one poll on Twitter for each platform’s chosen games, then a final one to choose between those semi-final winners.

Hit me up with ideas! I don’t remember if Steam game lists/PSN trophies/etc are public, but if so you can find me under the BrennaCeDria, just like pretty much everywhere else.