Saturday Morning Cartoons: Neon Genesis Evangelion “Numinous” (See Warnings Below)

I got kind of random yesterday and decided to look for an Eva vid for this morning… y’know, cause edgelord grimdark is exactly what the world wants at 11am on a Saturday morning, right? (Technically, this isn’t just Evangelion–there are other sources for the vid including FMA:Brotherhood and Animatrix, among others.)

I haven’t had to use any sort of content warnings in previous posts, but… well… It’s Evangelion. TW/CW: nudity, violence, violence against women, body horror, non-con, epilepsy warning, etc.

Head over to the vid’s page for a bunch of technical info for the video and how MrNosec made such a gorgeous Evangelion video even with End of Evangelion included among the various sources. There are also links to each of his AMV profiles, including the Org and a direct download. Which like… is a super throwback for me, because I think this is the first I’ve seen link backs to the Org and all since getting back into AMVs.