Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT logo

So! I’ve been looking forward to Dissidia on console for an eternity, and now that I have my beta code for NT I’ll have my first chance at it tomorrow night! Other than drooling over the visuals, I’ve stayed more or less spoiler-pure on any details of the game. I know the fight system is supposed to be different than the original and 012, but I figure I’ll go into it like new and see how I like it.

Unless there’s either plot to unlock characters, or limited character selection due to it being a beta, I’ll be starting out with my girl Terra. I’ve always loved her anyway, but she was nice and light in the other games and I’ve always preferred characters that move around well. Slow, bulky, but higher-health characters might can give me a huge smack-down if they catch me, but it’s so much more fun flitting around instead of brute forcing something. Well, that’s not entirely true I guess… In most games I tend to lean towards being a glass cannon; I rush the enemy as fast as I can, and hope to take them down before they hit me. I can dodge if I need to, but it’s all about the DPS, not defense or attack.

…Of course, all of this assumes that the connections on this test are better than the ones for FFXV: Comrades. The two are different teams, different servers, etc, so with any luck this test will be more prepared than that one was, but it’s always a possibility to watch out for.

Anyway, add me on PSN (BrennaCeDria) if you wanna play this weekend, or join me on Twitch if you just wanna watch the game. I’ll post when I’m actually getting on so anyone interested can join in!

Final Fantasy XV New Game+ Silent Streams (Intro and Chapter 1)

So I’ve mentioned, and have already completed, the first two of my silent streams for FFXV. I started these for mostly two reasons:

  1. as much fun as it is going into blind panic mode when the Zu attacks me for trying to get a garnet, that type of panic is distracting from the actual game
  2. I lost track of my original streams because honestly streaming from scratch is exhausting and in this case, at least, made the game a lot more work and a lot less fun

Also less fun was the unending supply of side quests; I’m usually too obsessive to not clear each and every quest and hunt, and that makes for some boring streaming. But! I’ve been through the game twice now (once blind, and once as my ridiculous Prince Spaceman) and can afford to spend my time only playing the plot and not obsessing over every little thing.

And so, without any further babble from me, here’s the Chapter 1 stream for this new project. With the rare exception of before and/or after the main content, no mic. Full subtitles. No side quests. No hunts. Just straight to Galdin, and then in later chapters straight to one story objective after another.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta Playthrough

Well, not so much a playthrough considering the content, but about an hour and a half of checking out the beta test last weekend. Or rather… quite a lot of me rolling around and doing somersaults while waiting on a match. But it sounds like there’s going to be another beta added this weekend-ish to test an update to the matchmaking, which hopefully will be good. (I’ll be one it sometime or another, so hit me up on the PSN version whenever you want.)

The bare minimum, though? The test is the bare minimum, but it’s still fun. Especially on the first match I got since we had other live players and not just AIs.

Oh, and I just peeked at the test’s official page, and it has a decent comparison of test vs planned full-version features and requirements. Especially important for anyone who wants to try it out still, that the stability update should go live today. The only catch seems to be only those who already downloaded the test can get into this second round, since it wasn’t supposed to be a thing in the first place. (Thinking about this, it’s probably to accurately measure the effectiveness of the update. Adding more capacity but then increasing the load doesn’t do much for proper comparisons.)

Final Fantasy XV New Game+ Chapter 2 Stream

(Stream goes live about 3 minutes after this post publishes, click here!)

I’ve already done chapter 1 with no hunts or side quests that aren’t otherwise mandatory, so I’m moving on to chapter 2 now. There’s going to be a little bit of overlap at the beginning that I’ll edit out later; thanks to how the autosaves work in the game we should be seeing everything starting from the announcement of the attack on Insomnia through the call from Cor before moving on to the actual “new” content.

Also, like chapter 1 I’m not just going to be playing the bare minimum of quests; I’m also completely silent and playing with subtitles, so this series of streams is going to be great for anyone new or old who just wants to watch the actual game and not have me blathering over it.

See you guys in just a minute!