Final Fantasy XIV: Ria Hawke does Eorzea

So I’ve been tied up almost entirely in FFXIV since mid-April, but never got around to posting any of my exploits. I figure I should finally do that.

Meet Ria Hawke.

Lookit those frecklesHers is an evil grin

Look and sound familiar? She should, since she’s a crack take on my DA2 Hawke. Well, almost any take on Ria is a crack take, but that’s not the point this time. I picked Ria to start the game with because when it all comes down to it, she’s the one character of mine that can be adapted to almost any setting. What’s more, she’s such a random-ass goof that I can just play like an idiot and still be kind of role-playing her. For instance, shortly after starting her adventures in Ul’dah, she met a (blond) Handsome Stranger under the Sultantree… who, it turns out, gets a bit of head baggage of his own. Sound familiar? It turns out Ria has a type.

Handsome Stranger Another Handsome Stranger

So anyway, Ria spends most of ARR trying to get sempai to notice her. She starts out as a pugilist, then becomes a rogue, then a ninja, all while trying on pretty much every hat she can get her hands on. This one’s probably her favorite:

Ria is a classy lady

The game proceeds along it’s designated path through ARR. I have to headcanon a lot of random responses and motivations for the few options given since she’s Ria, but being a JRPG–online or otherwise–means a very scripted, closed plot compared to Bioware’s more open stuff. She continues through the game, fights Lahabrea (spoiler: I couldn’t actually fight him cause I stayed behind to watch all the cutscenes while the others left me behind), is saved by her pet magitek, Maggie, and in turn saves her sempai from the explosions and such in the aftermath. The alliance leaders declare the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era, and everyone’s happy, cause that’s how these things go.

Except Alphinaud has this brilliant idea to start his own private army that later turns on us, the assholes in my beautiful Ul’dah decide to commit regicide, and we’re pushed into hiding in Ishgard. It’s cold in Ishgard. (Also somewhere during the Seventh Astral Era, Ria got bored with Thancred. I guess he just wasn’t as fun post-Lahabrea?)

Around this time, I realized I was having trouble recognizing when people were trying to get my attention in dungeons and trials and stuff, because I’m not used to answering to Ria. So I figured I’d do the name change so I can have Brenna Ce’dria back (omg it kills me not having the D capitalized). I also figure since we’re fugitives now (even though the game handwaves that away) I should get a makeover. So now, I look like this:

OMG this took so long to fix the lighting. Heavensward is NOT good for clear pictures!

Conveniently, Stormblood came out just as I reached the end of the Seventh Astral Era plot; that meant I could switch from ninja to samurai as well as get my make over, so now my “disguise” is complete I guess. (Also, samurai is so much damned fun; it’s like my ninja but I don’t die as often, which is nice.)

Anyway, yeah; that’s most of what I’ve done since April. I have worked my way a little into Heavensward’s plot, but not far; I have the trial to fight Ravana but haven’t done so yet. When I get further into that, I’ll post more about my further adventures through Eorzea.

Fake Edit: Oh! I almost forgot, look at how cozy my apartment is!


I started it when my character was still Ria, to make a Hanged Man kind of tavern, but named the room The Mad Hatter. You know, cause Ria and her hats. There are still some touches I want to add, like more stuff on the walls, a hat stand, some food stuffs that don’t look too fancy for my setting, and some sort of storage in the bedroom (I don’t know if the armoire will fit in the one I made, which is the other side of that wall, though, so I haven’t jumped on that yet). Also, a few more dyes for some of the furniture. When we (Cult of Koolaid) finally can get a Free Company house, I’ll figure out a different theme for my room there, but my little apartment will be exactly as imagined soon!

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

I’ll be starting this up in just a few minutes over on Twitch, but I have to say, I’m a bit worried. Not just about Prompto, though I mean c’mon, everyone who’s played the main game and has seen the trailers for this already know what’s going to be happening.

Me? I’m worried that there isn’t going to be enough time to cover all the plot hinted at in chapter 13. Either way, I’m heading into it. Join me, and wish me luck!

Summer 2017 Updates (Wall of Text Edition)

(Note: As usual, I started this post last night, set it aside for a little while, and fell asleep before finishing it. Since that’s the case, anything after about the halfway point of the list below I’m filling in this morning. Also, OMG the typos, because I was struggling to stay awake while I typed the first part of this to begin with.)

Okay, so first off:  Gaemes.

I’m still extremely far down the rabbit hole with FFXIV, so that is delaying a bunch of other plans I’d made. I’ll post a full profile of my character at some point, but the short, short version of it is that she’s an import of my Dragon Age 2 Hawke. As the Champion of Kirkwall, Ria (Marian “Ria” Lousia Hawke) defended the mages and first indirectly (though later more directly) supported Anders’s actions at the end of DA2. She’s an extremely loving and loyal person, but by no means a good one. Loving but selfish and somewhat extreme? Also snarky to a fault and obsessed with hats specifically and dressing up to absurd occasion in general. Yeah… That sounds about right.

Anyway, I’ve finished the main A Realm Reborn main story quests with her and I’m maybe… 1/2 way to entering Heavensward, based on world of mouth. But in spite of not even entering Heavensward, I did jump at the chance to buy the next expansion for  the new jobs available–especially Samurai, which I’ve become very fond of. Much of it plays similar to my previous Ninja job, but since monk is the  most-related class (not prereq class tho, thank god) the job is much sturdier than ninja. Which… kind of sucks, because Rogue and later Ninja are more true to Ria’s fighting style. But I found an awesome coat for pug/mnk/sam in the Gold Saucer that just looks amazing and that flows quite well with how she always wants to look her best.

As for other games? Brian (@chii_dev) has finally gotten to the point in FFXV where he’s used the boat to get to Altissia, something I’ve been begging him for months do. He also appears to be done with all the Altissia hunts, something I was incapable of doing on my first save. He’s since, however, returned to Lucius using Umbra, so I kind of doubt he’ll be going through the summit or the summoning of Leviathan any time soon. But hey… at least he finally got on the boat after all?

Back to me, though: EPISODE PROMPTO IS OUT TONIGHT/TOMORROW MORNING! (Next-morning continuing-update note: see? This is out of date already thanks to falling asleep before finishing!) I fully expect to be, and will severely disappointed if I’m not, sobbing like a child throughout this episode. All other scheduling things aside, this is going to be my first priority of all game things possible for the next few days. And, yes, I’ll be streaming it on Twitch as I go, then exporting to YouTube later, most likely on easy mode as I did with the main game and Gladio, because I want to see the game, not sit there swearing for 20 minutes at something I can’t kill.

Speaking of my Twitch and YouTube? I’m pretty sure I’m going to erase all or most of my FFXV files on those sites and start fresh when I go into my second NG+ (one without the #PrinceSpaceman save). That way I can skip as many hunts as possible that can take up extra play time that no one is really interested in. Side quests I’ll still do, and any hunts mandatory to them, but not hunts for the sake of hunts.

Finally, the rest of my to-do list so far as games and related media go. I think these might be in order at the moment, but I’m not certain yet so the orders may have changed.

  1. Continue ARR into Ishgard and beyond
  2. Finish FFXV as PrinceSpacememan
  3. I Am Setsua
  4. DA Re-Everything (though possibly skipping the early books, since those have been hard to focus on).
  5. Restart as “serious” save of FFXV
  6. etc, etc, cause I don’t have my usual to-do list with me and while I think I have everything significant here, there’s almost always something I’ve missed. Not that the list is entirely relevant at the moment, since I’m focusing now on very short-term goals.


  1. Finish The Clone Wars, start Rebels.
  2. Catch up on Fashion Week(s), which one again I seem to have missed the beginnings of.
  3. Lose weight, or at least lose enough weight to get my rings off so I can move them to a necklace. Because holy cow my fingers are so swollen I can’t do anything about them–even the string method can’t work at this point.
  4. I’m on duolingo now doing their new Japanese program. It’s only on mobile, not on browsers yet, but it’s still been a great help for me, as a refresher in and to build upon the little bit of Japanese I’d learned years ago. For someone with no background in Japanese, though, I’d probably suggest using it as a supplement to other lessons instead of an only source. It gives you the whats of what it’s teaching you, and it doesn’t give you any whys as you go. This extends all the way down to hiragana vs katakana existing side by side. You learn that both あ and ア are read as “a” but no one tells you why that is, what situations you do and don’t use each for, etc. There are kanji with multiple readings (specifically, 中) that are pronounced one way in every flashcard, but another way in almost every in context example. And again? No explanation for the different readings and usage. Oh! And in spite of mobile being an excellent opportunity for this, there isn’t any option (yet?) to let us learn to write, however poorly, in Japanese using the touch screen to trace out characters.

Anyway, enough too-late and too-early blathering for now. I’m going to pick up and do at least half of this morning’s lessons then get on FFXIV for a while. As I said, I should be to Heavensward soon, and I have to get to and through that if I’m ever going to get up to Stormblood’s content in the next year.

Stream Today?

I have errands I’m running right now, but odds are Prince Spaceman will pick up at the beginning of chapter 9 in FFXV later today. (Hopefully Prince Spaceman will have an easier time with that chapter than Noct did on my original game.) Gaming will depend somewhat on how I’m feeling after an appointment I have, but I think I’ll be okay.

Now then, when I stream will depend on whether or not I go see King Arthur this afternoon or not. I have no expectations other seeing Charlie Hunnam, so I think I’ll probably enjoy it even if it is bad. But again, it’ll depend on how I’m feeling. Feeling rough = go home & game earlier; feeling okay = go to movie and game after.

Final Fantasy Hell Again

This time, it’s FFXIV. I played the betas for both the original and ARR, and I loved the second especially, but never got a chance to actually sign up for the full game. Well, thanks to a certain asshole, I set everything up last night.

Well, not everything yet. I haven’t actually set my character up, because as of typing this it’s 8AM and I was up until 2-ish last night getting the client updated and such. Also, Brian and I have to get his account and character set up because a) if I’m going down he’s going with me; even if he wasn’t willing, he’d be forced into it for forcing me into DCU:O years ago and b) I need my healer, and he’s my healer. At least Brian’s PS4 client is already up to date; the software itself was still in our library from the beta or a trial or something, so we just have to activate his service account.

So! What will we be doing, and where? I’m told by the above-referenced asshole that our server is going to be Sargantanas. It kind of defeats the purpose of being bullied encouraged to start the game but then don’t get on the same server, so Sargantanas it is. Then again, it could also be a kind of funny? Not funny enough to actually do considering my current sleep-deprived state. Anyway. I’ll be starting in Ul’dah, though I don’t know if I’m going to start with gladiator or pugilist. I know gladiator is going to be quicker overall for me, but I’m going to need pugilist leveled eventually to pair with the rogue I’m going to switch to at the first chance I get.

You know. ‘Cause ninjas.

Brian I’m assuming will be in Gridania, because of 99% chance he’s going to go healer. God, I hope he goes healer. If he doesn’t then that’s going to be awkward. I’ll meet up with him once I unlock rogue.

Anyway, I’ll post names/portraits/other details up when we have all that set up, if anyone’s interested. In the meantime, this old post has some of my beta characters. I was on PS3 at the time, so they’re just pics of the TV unfortunately. It doesn’t change how obnoxiously adorable Ria is, and since the beta it looks like freckles were added so if I make her instead of a random character, she’ll be even more adorable than in those pics.