#Project365 167/365 (Miso)

BTW: If anyone local reads this and wants some, you need to head to Sushi-Zen Southside. I don’t know if this ramen’s available at lunch or not, but it definitely is for dinner and it’s a-maze-ing. It’s almost the only thing I get there anymore. (They don’t have a site to my knowledge, but their menu is here.)


#Project365 160/365 (I heard you like meat)

…We’re eating Omaha steaks from the mall parking lot tonight. Brian told his mom about the sale and she bought 40 pounds of various meats. Like… what. the. fuck.

#Project365 159/365 (Party Like It’s 1999)

An update since I made the original post on IG: I had neither an awesome morning nor a massive panic attack. I’d forgotten the third option of “crippling migraine” and that’s the one I ended up with.

The soda was delicious, though. It’s like when I was working my first job at the theater (when Episode I came out) and we had the stuff on tap. OMG I had energy for years, even well beyond what a 16-year-old Star Wars nerd should have as the first prequel was first released.

#Project365 141/365