Officially Moved (Though Not Finished Setting the Site Up)

Blogger, goodbye. Tumblr, almost goodbye. LJ, goodbye but your type of content will probably go to somewhere like Dreamwidth, not here.

Twitter still stays. Twitch still stays. Google services (YouTube, G+, Hangouts) still stay. Steam and Instagram. There are other pages and accounts you can find me at, and I’ll make an official page later with a full directory, but these are the main ones.

That said, I’m still not done fixing things up here how I want them to look, but I’ll get by for now. I have a little bit of purple going on, and I’ve always liked that sort of thing. My next two goals are to set up a proper About page and the directory I mentioned above. Once those are in place I’ll probably go back to structural stuff, setting up the menus and widgets how I want them.