Saturday Morning Cartoons: Martian Successor Nadesico “Superman”

This is another really, really, old AMV, but it’s by far one of my favorites ever. Nadesico is one of the best, most underrated series ever, and Akito and this cover of Five For Fighting’s Superman (acappella by Off The Beat) is amazing. The show itself is an amazing blend of space-mecha-harem-parody anime there is, always and never taking itself too seriously. Since there’s no official upload on youtube, here’s the original page for it on the Org: Akitoman by dji. (From what I can see, quality will seem better on phones than browsers, since they won’t stretch quite as much.)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Fairy Tail “So Soon”

I’ve been trying for almost a week now to find a video for today that fits some very specific themes, but I haven’t had any luck with that yet. So, instead, I have something very sad instead. Anime Safe Haven’s video for Fairy Tail’s Lucy and Aquarius, set to Maher Zain’s “So Soon.”

(Note: this is far from the last time you’ll see A.S.H.’s videos here. I adore so much of her work, and the fact that most of it is Fairy Tail doesn’t hurt, either.)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood “Seven Devils”

Ack, week 2 of Saturday Morning Cartoons and I’m already running a bit late. >.< I couldn’t find a quality copy of the video I wanted to post, but I found this vid in the meantime and I’m glad I did because I love it. To be fair, “seven devils” is kind of on the nose for the Homunculi… but so what? I like the Homunculi, and I love Florence and the Machine.

Enjoy. Seven Devils by Ƙαηєιѕнкι Sαяαηυкι

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Macross Plus “The Distance”

Okay, so I think I did a thing like this, if not this exact thing, way way way back when I started my page back on Blogger. That was about 10 years ago, though, but I decided I’m going to bring it back again.

Saturday Morning Cartoons is super, absurdly simple: It’s a ton of AMVs I love, one a week. I haven’t been big into the whole AMV scene in years, though, so unfortunately a lot of them are going to be lower video quality due to age alone. Luckily, though, someone took one of my favorites ever – Macross Plus to Cake’s “The Distance” and remade frame by frame with newer, higher-quality video. It’s still not perfect, since the remake is already four years old, but the update is incredibly good.

(Full disclosure: I’m so partial to this video because I always wanted to make one with this pairing. It wouldn’t have been frame by frame, but the entire concept and a lot of the scenes are the same. I never mentioned online that I wanted this pairing, so that someone else made it almost the same as I would have made my day back when I found this. Also, I can’t get the Org to load to post a direct link to the original editor’s profile, but a link to the video’s original page is included in the YouTube page for this upload.)