Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Clone Wars, “Man On Fire”


I found this video Thursday night and. I. adore it. Man On Fire was on my list of videos I wanted to find anyway, but I was searching for videos to lovelytheband, not Oh The Larceny. Luckily, YouTube knew, or something, cause this was in the list that came up in my search. (lovelytheband does come up in its own search, just not what I’m looking for so far as show/song/chara set up.

Also? I would never have thought to look up something like Clone Wars for an AMV. My eyes have been opened, and I realize there’s more to this world than giant robots and harem romances… Anyway, time for the real stars of The Clone Wars to shine ❤

(Okay, I know I said the CTs are the real stars, and they are, but c’mon we know the real star is really Ahsoka. I’m totally going on the hunt for some Ahsoka vids, now.)