Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sword Art Online “Take Me Home”

I haven’t posted a Saturday Morning Cartoons in roughly a month now, mostly out of pure stubbornness. There are dozens and dozens by Anime Safe Haven that I can and eventually will post, but I don’t want to only post ASH’s vids; in addition, I keep having very specific ideas about what videos I want to post, and I’ve yet to find anything to match any of those ideas. Today, though? Finding this was a complete accident and I love it.

I was actually searching for possible AMVs for Country Roads, and there are some, but way down in the list I found this. I love it for two reasons: one, it’s a catchy song with good, fun editing; two, and more importantly? It only uses footage from actual Sword Art Online, as in the game the show’s named for. Cause I mean, the more recent stuff in the gun game is interesting enough, but SAO needs to be SAO, and Asuna is more than just The Girlfriend Type™. Only the original SAO really portrays her as that, even while also letting her have more domestic interests and skills as well. They could have gone all moody badass chick to go along with Kirito’s moody badass dude. They could have gone all Girlfriend Type from the start. They didn’t, though; in that early part of the show, she was actually a well-rounded person.

Asuna deserves more than what the show’s given her from the second half of that first season and onward. This video gives her what she deserves.